We’ve all been through times where our motivation and productivity is at a low and all we want to do is make the most of the day. On weekends and days off from work, a lack of motivation isn’t always a bad thing as we can relax after a hard week in work and enjoy our time off. It’s a different situation though if you’re not feeling productive and motivated during the working week, as it can affect your workload. We all want to be as productive as possible during our time in work, but sometimes it’s easier said than done.

There are a number of factors that can affect how productive we are when it comes to our day to day working life. If you feel like you’re not being as productive as what you should be and you’re struggling to concentrate on your workload, then hopefully these few tips may be able to help boost your productivity and maximise your working day.

Comfort is key

It may not even cross your mind but if you’re not comfortably sat at your desk, it’s going to affect how productive you are. It’s important that not only you choose a chair which is comfortable to sit on, but also one which correctly supports your posture. One of the biggest health issues for office workers is back pain and this can be caused by several reasons, the main one being not having a high quality office chair. It’s surprising how much more productive you’ll be, if you’re comfortable and your posture is correctly supported.

Keep a tidy workstation

Making sure the space around you is organised and tidy can make a big difference. If your desk is piled high with paperwork and folders then it’s going to distract you from your work. Having a workstation which isn’t kept tidy can become quite stressful. To resolve this issue, add all of your paperwork into folders and arrange them in some form of order in a filing cabinet. If you haven’t got the option to use filling cabinets, then simply using storage boxes will work fine, as it’s still somewhere to house any documents you have around you.

Allow natural light to enter the room

Focusing on a computer screen all day whilst working in a dark room can make you fatigued and reduce concentration. By opening the blinds of a window, you’re allowing natural light to come in, which will keep you alert and focused. Opening windows around your workspace can also help boost productivity as it allows fresh air to enter your surroundings and help create a healthier working environment. Allowing natural light in is a simple change which can have a big difference.

These are just a few simple changes you can make, which will help towards making your day more productive. It would be great to hear if you have any other tips or thoughts on the subject, by sharing them on social using #WorkplacePosture and tagging @Furniture_Work.


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