Standing in the 21st century smartphones have really made our lives convenient and purposeful. Speaking of the professionals, the mobiles have become more indispensable. The powerful little devices have even surpassed some of the best laptops currently available by executing tasks in an exceptionally well coordinated manner. Smartphones have become digital personal assistants and an important medium for facilitating business productivity. With time passing by, businesses have become more competitive and at times within the workplace you may not find ample options but to rely on business productivity apps.

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In this post we will mainly discuss about top 5 business apps for iOS that help in boosting business growth.

These are:

PDFelement iOS App:

This is one of the vital iOS apps used for signing and editing PDF documents. Have you ever thought of converting, reading, editing, and signing PDF files from your iOS devices? Your PDFelement app will help you edit PDF texts in a professional and creative manner using your iPhone. With changing font styles and colors you can still be consistent in your formatting. Although PDF files are commonly used to share business communication, you will not find too many creative tools online for customizing your contents here. But with PDFelement you can easily perform the required tasks using strikethrough or underline tools. Else you can also use the powerful tool for freehand drawing or can make a short explanation using sticky notes.

Just Press Record:

To accomplish all your aims and objectives related to your business, you may find time as a strict constraint. In such a situation you can look for faster options to communicate. For example, you may want to record your message through a single tap? Now you can do it easily using Just Press Record app. This app has got a built-in transcription feature which helps in simple note taking. Thus you can save your precious time as you can conveniently record your messages with the notification widget, lockscreen, or an extended press on the icon of the app. The spoken punctuation commands and multi-language support are two of the best features of this app to transcribe speech. The recordings and transcriptions are well synced with iCloud and can also be shared across multiple apps. Hopefully this won’t be bad to enhance your business productivity.


If everything fails you can leave it to artificial intelligence to organize your email inbox in a better way. The advanced algorithm of Trove takes a look at your email history minutely to know which are the most important messages. It then highlights the vital ones and ensures easy access. The Radar feature of this app helps in forwarding those messages in the inbox which demand quick reply. This apart, Trove also comes with Alexa skills which helps you to prioritize important emails and can also organize those using Amazon’s smart speaker system.

You will definitely love this as it supports Gmail, G Suite, Office 365 and all IMAP email providers.


With this app you can use calendar features and can also manage your contacts conveniently. But in order to avail the services of this app, you need to sign up with your business email. With Accompany app you cannot go wrong as you will have detailed profiles for both businesses and people who will be involved in future events and meetings. This app has an advantageous feature of Executive Briefing which will email you all the crucial details the night before the actual meeting has been scheduled. Using this app you will not have any excuse for showing up unprepared for your conference or meeting. Right from social media posts to financial reports you can avail all with this app.


This is another popular business productivity app which offers easy, smooth and seamless instant messaging. Now you may think why do you require apps for instant messaging using your iPhone. Apart from offering basic IM features along with real time messaging, Slack also supports group and direct messaging features along with file sharing. The benefit of Slack lies in archiving your communications in a unique manner so that you can easily go through your past messages, channels, shared files etc. You can also integrate your files and messages with different cloud storage devices such as Asana, Zendesk and lots more.


Thus from the above discussion you can now have a fair idea about 5 purposeful apps that can boost your business growth. There are multiple iOS mobile app development services for creating business productivity apps. If you are eager in making your business stand out, feel free to pick anyone from this list as per your requirement.

Mr. Arup Roy is the founder of Red Apple Technologies, a popular mobile app development company. He is a creative thinker and in his free time he loves to know about unique ways for creating distinct apps pertaining to multiple businesses.