Deep down, all of us would like to know some information about our future, whether it be about money, love and relationships, whether we’re going to be happy in the coming years and so on. For the average person, it can be very much impossible to know anything about the future or predict what’s going to happen. That’s where some blessed with a gift can help.

Enter the world of psychics and fortune-tellers and you’ll discover numerous different methods being used for individuals to learn more about themselves and get a glimpse into what the future holds for them.

Coffee fortune telling is one such predictive method used by a select group of psychics and it’s the coffee cup psychic reading that we’ll be focusing on in this article.

What Is Coffee Cup Fortune Telling?

With coffee cup readings being extremely popular in Turkey and involving Turkish coffee, many Turkish psychics have brought this skill and tradition to the rest of the world.

When a coffee cup psychic reading is performed, the psychic studies the patterns of the residual coffee grounds left inside the coffee cup and on the saucer. Some readers simply use the dregs left inside the cup. An experienced reader will be able to interpret these patterns and understand their meaning. Turkish coffee works well for readings because it leaves behind a thick and muddy residue.

Although there are different methods of performing coffee cup readings, one of the most common involves swirling the dregs of the finished cup of coffee, then turning it upside down onto the saucer and waiting for the grounds to drip onto that saucer. A short prayer is usually said before tipping the cup or mug upside down.

Once the coffee grounds have had time to drip onto the saucer, the coffee cup is turned the right way up. The reader is now faced with coffee ground patterns on both the saucer and the inside of the cup. Now that a distinctive pattern has been established, the psychic studies the patterns and begins to interpret their meaning.

Some things the reader is looking for in the coffee grounds are areas where the dregs are built up into a thick pattern in different places inside the mug or on the saucer, along with the size and placement of the coffee grounds.

Another key thing to note is that the coffee drinker needs to remain relaxed and positive as they’re consuming the cup of coffee from which the reading will be taken.

What Insights Can Be Gained From a Coffee Cup Psychic Reading?

Coffee shapes and patterns hold many meanings and it takes an experienced reader with finely-tuned intuitive abilities to be able to accurately interpret what these shapes and patterns mean for the person involved in the reading.

To start with, the reader will observe the overall pattern to gain a gist of it and this can help determine whether the wishes of the coffee drinker will be coming true or not. For secondary insight, individual patterns are then focused on to gain insight into more details.

A common thing people hope to gain from a coffee cup reading is to know what the future holds for them. While the average person may have plans, there’s no real way of knowing what’s going to unfold. Coffee cup psychic readings are a way of getting a glimpse into the future to see what lies in store. Not only will different shapes and patterns reveal what’s going to happen in the person’s future, but the location of those shapes within the overall pattern can also offer up time frame estimates of when an event is likely to occur. People don’t only want to know what will happen, but when they can expect it.

Once recipients have been armed with the insight gained from the reading, they generally feel better about themselves and what the future holds, moving forward more confidently. Optimists tend to gain the most value out of coffee cup psychic readings.

The Takeaway

If you want to know your future, but don’t want your palm read or to sit through a Tarot Card reading, then try having your fortune told by the ancient method of coffee cup reading. It’s both fun and insightful.

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