Electric bicycles are having their best moment in years. Although they have been around for a long time, it is only now that the massive adoption of these vehicles is taking off. Many people have realized the various benefits an electric bike offers. First and foremost, anyone can take up cycling using an e-bike. You don’t need to be particularly fit to start riding this type of two-wheeler.

People decide to buy electric bike bikes for a variety of reasons. Manufacturers respond by offering specialized e-bikes for different applications like city commuting, leisure, and mountain biking. This list is not exhaustive. Moreover, some electric bikes are good for two or even more applications. In all these cases, we’re referring to a bicycle equipped with a motor to assist the rider on difficult terrain.

Hence, the feel is quite similar to a conventional pedal bike. However, in more demanding conditions such as pedaling uphill, the pedal-assist mechanism will engage. You will feel more powerful. That is, you won’t require huge physical effort to overcome challenging terrain. But don’t expect an electric bike to perform and feel like a motorcycle.

The growing popularity of ebikes is due in part to the fact that many individuals are put off by cycling.

Why Use a Premium Bike for City Commuting?

Electric bicycles are available in different price categories. Which ebike for commuting you choose depends on your budget, of course. However, as with many other things, you get what you pay for. Using a premium bike for city commuting has advantages that budget e-bikes don’t. The most important advantages are the following:

  •  Suitable for all weather conditions. If you buy an electric bike for commuting, you likely plan on using it all year round. It means that you will experience different weather conditions as the seasons change. Premium e-bikes are equipped with fenders, chain cover, and integrated lights for rainy days. They also offer the option to change the regular tires for winter tires to ride on snow and icy terrain.
  •   Higher durability. To commute, you’ll be riding your e-bike almost daily. Hence, the different parts of your vehicle will wear rapidly if they are not of premium quality. In the long run, it is much more cost-effective to invest in an electric bike with premium components. It makes sense to pay for a high-end battery, carbon belt drive, puncture-resistant tires, and other quality parts.
  •  Much more comfortable. While commuting, you’ll likely ride on bumpy terrain that can be quite uncomfortable. Premium commuting e-bikes solve this issue by including high-volume tires, an adjustable suspension fork, rear suspension, and ergonomic touch points (grips, saddle, etc.).
  •  Cargo options. If you commute to work, you often need to carry with you a laptop, papers, and/or materials. Some people try to solve this problem by using a backpack while riding to work. However, carrying a backpack is uncomfortable. Moreover, you will probably get to your workplace with a sweaty back. Instead, premium electric bikes offer the possibility to mount compatible racks or side boxes. With such accessories, you can commute quite comfortably while carrying all you need for work.

As seen, investing in a premium e-bike for city commuting is the smartest decision. Moreover, you’ll likely be able to use a premium electric bike for different usages. For example, the Delfast TOP 3.0 excels as an offroad bike as well as a commuter.