The funny thing about business is that it simply doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product or service on earth. It doesn’t matter if your product is the antidote for the world’s most pressing problems.

Absolutely none of that matters if you can’t get sales.

After all, sales are the lifeblood of your business. No sales mean no revenue, and no revenue means that there’s no way that you can sustain your company in the long term.

I’ve got two words for you: sales enablement. In order for your business to be successful, your sales team has to be performing at its best. And the best way to ensure that happens consistently is to have a sales enablement team supporting your sales personnel.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of sales enablement, we’ll introduce you to it in this article. We’ll give you a rundown on the primary benefits that the right enablement team can offer to your sales department, and by the end, we hope to have convinced you of its worth!

Ramp Reps up Quicker

The first way that sales enablement contributes to the overall revenue effort is by enabling reps to ramp up quicker. Any sales leader knows that some of the most painful months are when you have a bunch of new hires who don’t yet know the product or industry well enough to hit full quota.

By introducing an enablement team to take care of sales onboarding processes and training programs, you can ensure that your reps are hitting full quota in no time at all. And with sales enablement software like to help, you’ll be in great shape!

Create Content for Reps to Use

Another responsibility of a sales enablement team is to create content for sales reps to use as they sell your product or service. This could be everything from PowerPoint presentations to marketing-type brochures.

The primary focus of sales enablement content, however, should be talk tracks that your sales reps can study and train on so that they arrive better prepared for every sales conversation.

Monitor Your Sales Performance

Any sales enablement guy or gal should come from a strong analyst background with significant critical thinking capability. The enablement team’s responsibility is to monitor your sales personnel’s performance.

What gets measured gets improved, and thus the only way to improve your reps’ performance is to track them and hold them accountable to their goals of improvement. A sales enablement team will not only nail down what metrics that the leaders need to be tracking on their reps but will also provide feedback on how specific reps can improve their performance in specific areas and roles of their position.

Lastly, enablement can also make recommendations on when it’s time to can someone.

Sales Enablement Is Crucial for Your Business

There you have it — armed with this info on all the ways that sales enablement is crucial for your business, you should know now why you need to implement an enablement team in your company, stat!

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