If you are a proud parent to an insanely talented basketball star or just want to throw a couple of hoops in the courtyard, it’s crucial to choose the right basketball set-up. You need to pick a framework that will last and give you the value you want, while looking pleasing at the same time too. 

Homeowners usually have two options when it comes to choosing suitable backboard materials for the residential basketball goals: tempered glass or Acrylic.

You might be wondering: How do they differ? Moreover, is their distinctive nature going to make any impact on your choice? Well, the answer is, yes— it will. For the starters, you would want your home basketball set-up to function just like a full-fledged gymnasium one would. 

If you have children playing organised group sports or you’re representing in a state league, you would want to practice on a hoop that will give you the same level of shot quality and steady comeback that you get while aiming at a target in your community gymnasium. Now, let us take a quick look at the various properties of these backboard materials, starting with Acrylic.Also, let’s know why tempered glass continues to be the preferred choice amongst the two.

Acrylic Backboard 

Essentially, Acrylic is a transparent plastic that looks like glass at first glance— You might not be able to tell the difference between the two while purchasing the backboard. However, over time, the distinction will become apparent. 

What makes the best choice?

high quality basketball residency

Owing to the enticing features such as light-weight, reasonable cost, and shock-resistance, acrylic backboards are widely preferred for recreational purposes such as in primary school gyms and neighbourhood activity zones, besides high-quality basketball residency set-ups. 

What are the demerits?

Discolouration: Overtime, Acrylics tend to become hazy or discoloured. The climatic conditions and blazing sun take a toll on the material. You’ll begin to notice yellowish colour briefly after the installation; even the moulds might start growing under the extreme conditions. The hazing or discolouration isn’t something that can be washed off—and, before one could even react, you’ll be left with an unattractive backboard that you can’t even see past. Also, the acrylic staining is not something which any warranty would cover.

What are the demerits

Once ruined, you’ll be left with no choice but to invest in a new backboard or a complete set-up— and either way, it is going to cost you a bomb.

Scratching issues: Acrylic is a substance much lighter than tempered glass, which makes it easier to get scratched and smudged. These marks, when combined with the hazing, are going to leave you with a backboard that will ruin the curb appeal of your place.

Robust framing required: The lightness of the acrylic substance would also need the back of a firm structure to tighten it up. In the absence of a proper frame, you will have a large amount of flex in the centre of your backboard. Consequently, with each shot aimed, the backboard will behave like a drum head in constant vibration.

Tempered glass

What makes it the best choice?

Tempered glass

Minimal Vibration: If you take a glance at the different football courts at high-school, college or at pro levels, you’ll notice that they all use tempered glasswithout exception— and, there’s an explanation, why. Tempered glass backboards have far less noise and higher capacity for rebounding— This is important when you are trying to derive the best performance.

Smooth rebound: Tempered glass can cut off any drum impact and give a soft bounce back. Many professional rebounders will understand how a backboard can rebound and correctly align itself to obtain the desired bounce. If you’re training and you don’t get the reaction from the backboard that you have been anticipating, your performance will be greatly thrown off— And, at a higher level of trials and competitions, results are crucial.

No additional bracing required: A tempered glassdoesn’t need the added framing behind the backboard. However, you might come across several options in the market that still come with bracing, which is perfectly fine— These models will give added bounce and performance.

Nevertheless, you have the options for a clear backboard that sans framework. With this type of tempered glass, the arms that connect it to the poles are stretched out to the sides of the backboard.

What are demerits?

What are demerits

Breakage issues: Many customers fear the glass might break and injure the players under it. However, such a situation rarely transpires. In case the glass gets broken somehow, then there is a coating which keeps the fragmented shards together in place— the coat is similar to the one that is used in the windshield of your vehicle. In short, you’ll never have to bother about big pieces of glass ever falling off and hurting the players underneath.

Heavy-weight: Another property which might be seen as a con by a few consumers is the weight of the tempered glass,which is considered quite heavier when compared to its acrylic counterpart. It can make the installation part a little cumbersome for the user. However, the same weight also keeps the backboard stable without the need of placing a brace at the back.

Expensive: Owing to the high-quality, curb appeal and unparalleled strength, tampered glasses used in backboard are costlier than the acrylic. 

How to Cut Tempered Glass for basketball backboard

Here you learn how cut a tempered glass by yourself helps you get precise specifications. It will also help you make modifications without worrying about any extra costs. Once you follow the above steps, there is no way for you not to gain confidence for your next projects. Thus, you can be sure that you will cut the glass safely and perfectly.

If safety really matters to you, a tempered glass with various applications at home will work best for you. There are several areas that you can apply or install a tempered glass, including windows, skylights or sliding door or balcony doors. You can also design your bathtub and shower doors with this kind of glass. In fact, this glass is perfect when there is potential contact with broken glasses. Never compromise your safety at home; you can always take advantage of tempered glass.

Let’s wrap up

In gist, a tempered glassoffers a more formal and cleaner appearance of a backboard that can add aesthetics to your courtyard. Unlike the acrylics, the coating is much stronger too. Besides, being resistant to smudge and scratching, a glass is easy to clean with dampened cloth and mild detergent. Also, hazing and discolouration are hardly ever an issue to bother about.  

Hence, in conclusion, we can say that tempered glass basketball goals are ideal for competitive matches and professional level practice in general; however, recreational basketball facilities can be better served with light and durable acrylic basketball backboards— even though Acrylic is prone to chipping and haziness over time.

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