What is the Hector Network (HEC) cryptocurrency

Hector Network

Hector Network is an ambitious blockchain project that integrates a whole ecosystem of crypto-related platforms, including a decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, and an educational program that is designed to help people learn more about DeFi and cryptocurrencies.

How Hector Network works

Hector Network is based on the Fantom blockchain that is especially suitable for creating dApps and processing lots of transactions quickly and securely. The network can process a transaction in several seconds, and it’s supposed to be easily scalable and cheap. The project already includes many kinds of multi-purpose platforms, such as:

  • DEX — the project’s exchange allows you to swap any tokens between different chains;
  • Library — this educational platform is designed to help you learn more about crypto and DeFi with all kinds of articles, quizzes, and videos;
  • NFT marketplace — still in the works, the Hector collection of NFTs already features a variety of self-minted tokens of different rarity levels

and many more. The network constantly grows and expands, and new platforms are getting added all the time. HEC crypto price is currently $3.25 per coin. At its peak, the coin was worth over $300, perhaps it will return to its peak in the future.

What is HEC token

HEC is the native token of the network that fuels the entire ecosystem. It’s a deflationary token that is used for governance: the more HEC you own, the more your opinions weigh. The developers have set a fixed supply limit for the token to ensure that it grows in the long term. HEC supports staking: tokens can be locked to earn special sHEC tokens in exchange. This is done through a special hyper-staking mechanism with limited APY rates.

What makes Hector Network unique

Hector Network is a pretty outstanding crypto platform that seems to have bright prospects. It is rather secure, it has a loyal community of enthusiasts who prefer long-term goals over instant profits, and it’s still under development. That means the network will continue growing in the future. The blockchain is widely considered quicker than its competitors, and the team behind the project seems determined to make it even better in the future.

Tokenomics of Hector Network

The project has a clear plan for future emissions to control the supply and prevent inflation. Emissions will continue for about two years, and HEC’s price is expected to grow. The network also has a special TOR stablecoin that is used for cross-chain transactions and asset transfers. TOR is an instrument to make HEC tokenomics deflationary, and these tokens can only be minted or redeemed when a certain set of conditions occurs. You can check the coin and NFT marketplace looksrare (looks) if you are interested in the NFT industry.

Where you can buy HEC tokens

HEC tokens are pretty popular, and their overall market cap reaches $9 million today. The tokens are listed on many major exchanges, including SpookySwap, Mexc, Bitmart, and many others. Buying on Mexc Global seems to be the easiest way to get HEC. To do that, just sign up for the exchange, verify your identity, and start trading. You can exchange HEC tokens for another cryptocurrency or purchase it with fiat currencies. Another simple way to get some tokens is to use the project’s own exchange.