Did you know the price of gold rose 24.6% in 2020? Thanks to Covid-19, spooked investors sunk their money into this precious metal.

Skilled investors often move their money into gold when they fear a market downturn. Why? Because gold holds its value.

Gold makes a great long-term investment. Do you want to know how to invest in gold? Do you wonder what is the value of gold?

Check out our five gold investment steps and get in today.

1. Get Physical

The first step for investing in gold is to buy physical. This means the purchase of jewelry, bullion, and coins. Of all three, bullion trades closest to gold’s value on the commodities market.

Buying physical gold is a great way to increase your initial metals portfolio. It does come with risks. Shady sellers will sometimes try to pass off inferior jewelry or coins as solid gold.

If you’re buying physical in large amounts, there’s also the matter of storage. You can’t keep your gold investments laying around the house where thieves can find them!

This means storing in a safety deposit box or building a secure in-home vault.

2. Buy Futures

Right now, gold’s value hovers around $1,800/oz. Fearing an inflation bump thanks to the next round of Covid-19 aid, investors continue to short the metal. Many experts predict gold’s 2020 gains to fall back.

Gold serves as a great long-term investment. The market is not without volatility. You can capitalize on that fluctuation through an investment in gold futures.

Gold futures are contracts for a certain amount of gold. You can trade these based on market conditions.

3. ETFs

Gold ETFs are how to invest in gold in the U.S.A. if you don’t want to deal in physical or the complicated futures market.

ETFs are exchange-traded funds. These funds give you gold ownership without the physical burden. This allows for trading on market exchange floors.

Because they represent physical ownership, gold ETFs carry at a higher tax rate. The IRS taxes your gold gains at the 28% collectible rate rather than the lower capital gains tax rate.

4. Mining Company Stock

Do you want to find a way to back door into gold investment? Mining company stocks are a great method of investment.

As the value of gold rises, the profits of a gold mining company rise with it. As their profits rise, the stock prices increase. Mining companies also help determine market supply.

Gold mining stock can be profitable. It is also subject to other conditions physical gold is not. Delayed production causes stock prices to plummet even as gold prices stay high.

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5. Gold Vending Machines

This is a new and exciting way to invest in gold. These vending machines distribute physical gold in exchange for paper currency.

Investors predict their popularity to rise. Gold vending machine company stock could see serious returns for minimal investment.

What is the Value of Gold and Should I Invest?

Though the question of “what is the value of gold?” is difficult to answer in number form at any moment, gold rose in 2020, but investors predict a price reduction in 2021. That shouldn’t discourage you from investing though, as gold retains its value really well. This makes it a great portfolio diversifier and long-term money strategy. Get started buying physical gold and branch out from there. Do you need more investing advice? Check out the rest of our page.