So now you have already decided to launch your military model car collection, and you are here looking through our scale model cars to know which one is the best for you. There are several factors to help you settle on your decision. These include getting a recommendation from your mates, its looks and the story behind it. The size matters too. When it comes to the size, it all goes down to the scale used to build the model

Wespe Models offers the models in a wide range of scales and what you get is mostly determined by the cost, its intended purpose, storage space, and availability. These include 1.4, 1.8, 1.6, 1.2 and the 1.48 scale military models among others. The first step into starting a military collection is selecting the scale that will work for you.

How does the scale work? Ideally, the larger the model is, the more it needs to be scaled down. For example, if the scale is 1:1, it means that the model is the same size as the particular prop used. In this case, the 1.48 scale military model will be the best since it is neither very small nor too big compared to the original.

What are the aspects of guiding you into getting a military model and what makes 1.48 the most preferable?

Is It Large Enough to Showcase All The Details?

The best model is neither too small nor too big, and this means that all essential details that need to be included in the object can effortlessly fit in. The models are intended as educational tools for easier learning of how the real thing looks, how it works and all the parts. Learning will only be successful if indeed the model is an exact replicate of the actual vehicle and when each detail is clearly visible. The 1.48 model is of an ideal scale, and you can get it to be customized in whichever way you want.

Consider Storage and Display Space

Its size is ideal for storage in a small space. Among the various reasons for getting a model car, one of them is to save display space, and that is precisely what you get from getting this model.  You will love this model scale as it has the ideal size for small space storage.

It’s Level of Complexity

For beginners, going for a model with a high complexity level is always a bad idea. You want something that you can easily understand and one with little stages of completion. If you wish to make a car, it is your wish to go with something you can quickly create with few steps and 1.48 scales give you that.

While all the other factors are incredibly essential during model selection, getting a model that you are happy to build should be your top priority. Do you love gun fight or epic military adventures? Whatever your preference could be, select a model that inspires you and captures your interest.

Do Your Research

Do some internet research, read magazines and understand the different military model sizes, their pros and cons before deciding on which one to get. You can also get recommendations from other individuals and read reviews on how other individuals are saying about the particular model. You will realize that 1.48 has loads of positive reviews due to its endless benefits.

After you have made up your mind based on these factors and benefits, it is time to look for a trustworthy dealer like us and get your model. We can offer you either the assembled model or the kits so you can join them yourself depending on what your wish. Contact us today for more information on the same and let us guide you to get the best model to suit your needs.

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