Being a male nurse is an awesome job. It’s rewarding, well-paying, action-packed, and all-around amazing. Are you wondering how that can be? Well, today you’re going to hear all about the unparalleled awesomeness of being a guy in scrubs. I’ll explain it to you in such detail that by the time you’re finished reading this article, the first thing you’ll want to do is apply to nursing school.

So, what is so great about being a male nurse? Patients, patients. We’re getting there. Take a chill pill, and get ready for an overdose of info on why male nurses are just so, so lucky.

  1. Here’s an awesome pro about being a male nurse; choosing matching clothes are easy. There are men’s scrub sets that come with a top and perfectly coordinating pants, which will entirely eliminate any worries you may have about your female coworkers having a good laugh about your sorry attempt at putting a scrub outfit together.
  2. Promotion is likely. Since there is an extremely disproportionate amount of women in nursing, and men are more likely to get chosen for promotion over women in any field, as a man in the nursing field, you’re quite likely to get promoted over your female coworkers. And a raise in status often comes along with a raise in salary!
  3. You can choose the field that best suits your interests, whether it be anesthesia, trauma nursing, or working in the emergency room. If you would prefer a desk job, there are nursing fields which allow that. There is such a long list of nurse specialties that no matter what your preferences are, nearly any person, male or female, can find one that s/he will love.
  4. Male patients appreciate you. Guys who are stuck in the hospital are usually aware of how few male nurses there are, so they hear their nurse is a man, they get really excited. There aren’t so many other careers where you know you are so needed, and so appreciated.
  5. Well, what is there to love about being a nurse altogether? Being a nurse, whether male or female, brings along a string of benefits on its own. These perks include the following, and lots more!
    1. Exercise on the job. Looking to lose weight? Look no further. Here’s a solution! Get trained as a nurse. In this position, you’ll not only get paid, but you’ll get paid for jogging four to five miles per shift! In contrast, the typical American only walks between two and a half and three miles a day. You’ll burn those calories double as fast as the rest of us! It’s probably one of the best exercise programs in the world.
    2. The pay is phenomenal. Get paid $70,000 a year, and possibly more, depending on how your potential translates into action. You’ll earn a good salary, while killing calories simultaneously.
    3. You can make a difference in this world and the next. As Leo Buscaglia puts it, “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring; all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” Being a nurse is a real way to make a difference in the lives of so many. Nurses have the ability to do countless good deeds throughout the day, and they get paid for doing them. This is a rewarding career, in so many ways.

There are many more exciting perks that guys who have become male nurses are lucky to enjoy. You can too; become a male nurse today, and discover a career that is well-paying, full of action, and ultimately rewarding!

“Nurse is just another word to describe a person strong enough to tolerate anything and soft enough to understand anyone.” There’s no doubt about it; being a nurse shows something special about a person. If you’re kind, competent, and devoted, this is the field for you. Let your talents shine!


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