Sinks are an integral part of the hygiene of every house.  As a result, you will meet them in lavatories, kitchens and many other places of a house. Sink connect a house to the sewer lines. Therefore, you would love to have one that will drain dirty water with the least amount of exposure.

Besides size, shape, and material, it is important to consider the design of a sink. That is the only way you are guaranteed of convenience when using your sink. There are three major sink designs namely; rimmed, drop-in and under mount sinks designs. Every sink design has its pros and cons. However, the rectangular undermount sink design has a slight advantage over the other designs as it offers zero rim exposure.    

Consequently, you will have slightly more counter space and a very attractive sink that is easy to clean. In addition, these sinks are compatible with contemporary design trends that are convenient to use. They also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and material ensuring there is something for everyone. So, what features would you expect from the top rated under mount kitchen sinks?


The first consideration when making any purchase is the price of the item. You would like to buy a sink that just serves your needs. You will need to assess the balance between quality and price before buying any sink. Generally, undermount sinks are slightly expensive compared to other sink designs of the same caliber.

However, that should not be a drawback as you will benefit more looking at the bigger picture. Largely sized sinks are also more expensive. Therefore, you will need to consider going for smaller sizes to save on cost. You can check for the prices on Kitchen Spike to find what fits your budget.

Countertop compatibility

Unlike other designs, the undermount sink types are fit under your countertop to hide then rim. Therefore, they are fit differently compared to other designs such as attaching the faucet to the countertop or wall.

Most importantly, such sinks are only able to work with water-resistant countertops that can support your sink weight. Several houses are designed with different countertops such as soap stones, marble, concrete or marble and many more. You should always ensure your sink is compatible with the countertop before buying


At the end of the day, an undermount sink will be part of your house. It should blend well with other sink parts and house in general. Sinks are made of a wide variety of materials based on customer preferences.

Besides stainless steel, there are many more materials that a sink can be made from. However, your sink material should be durable and easy to clean. Nevertheless, you will need a sink that is made from a sleek material that adds some aesthetic value to your house.


A sink links your house to your sewer system. Therefore, you will want something that offers minimal contact between you and your sewer content. A good sink should have a good shape such that residues don’t stay on the sink and enable water to drain easily.

You will need a sink that has a lot of accessories for maximum sanitation. Check out for features such as a flange, pop up and a mesh filter accompanying your sink. A good under mount sink should have a good sink depth that will allow you to work more conveniently.


Buying an under mount sink is not all; installation of such sink is very integral. Are you able to install these sinks correctly in your house? If not, you should consider hiring or consulting an expert to assist you to install the sink.

If not installed correctly, these sinks are likely to develop leakage points that consequently lead to the development of molds. Nevertheless, you want a sink that is sitting pretty and is not likely to collapse due to the weight of your utensils.  You should consider a sink that is easy to install thus easy to clean.

Final verdict

Under mount kitchen sinks are indeed the best sink design out there. There is no sink that can beat these sinks as far as price, countertop compatibility, sanitation and aesthetics are concerned. However, you will need to consider how the sink will be installed. You will not have pre-drill holes to fit your sinks. Don’t you think it is time you tried these types of sinks?