What to Know About Having a Chinchilla Pet?

Chinchilla is one of the adorable pets to keep, which is way too different than a rodent. Before buying a Chinchilla as a pet you need to do proper research about this pet because it requires a lot more care than you thought.

Although this is a little pet owning a Chinchilla means you have to be extra careful about so many small things. This loving small mammal is a great responsibility and requires proper training. Other than that, your tiny friend likes jumping and playing too much for which you need to get a large-sized cage.

Multilevel cages would be ideal for your pet as it provides a lot of room to play and perform different activities. As it is the most active mammal, so it will help him enjoy it properly.

However, a few other things that you must know about Chinchilla pets before buying one are as follows:

1. Require Proper Cleaning Every Day

Chinchillas are tiny pets that require proper cleaning every day and several times a day. It is because their fur catches dirt too fast, and to clean it every day is very important. Cleaning daily also prevents matting and keeps the fur clean and soft.

For cleaning Chinchillas dust baths work the best and it is highly preferred to give your chinchillas a dust bath daily. But make sure to use store-bought Chinchilla dust for bathing as it is more beneficial.

Chinchilla pets love rolling as well as flipping on the dust and it is their natural habit. It helps them keep their fur clean, soft as well as tangle-free.

2. Cage Set-Up is a Must

The most important thing to keep in mind before buying a Chinchilla pet is you cannot leave them to stay freely. Cage set-up is a must for Chinchillas because they are the most active tiny mammal that loves playing.

Keeping them in the cage is also very important as it helps in training your tiny pet. Look for a big-sized cage with a wheel to allow your Chinchilla to play freely. Also, instead of plastic huts use wooden huts for your Chinchilla to sleep. Because Chinchillas chew plastic, so to avoid it wooden huts are ideal.  

3. Chinchillas are Social

You can never keep a single Chinchilla as a pet because they are the most social tiny pets to keep. As they are not like other pets, so you need extra care about how to keep them with good care. You always have to buy two of them together because they cannot survive alone.

They love playing and interact with each other, so it is very important to get two of them together. If you bring one of them then there are more chances that your little one might suffer from loneliness. And this loneliness can even lead to death.

4. They are Herbivores

The Chinchillas are herbivores, which means they only eat plant material. It is very important to feed your Chinchillas with grassy food or plant-based food for proper digestion. You cannot feed them anything you want it will directly affect their digestive system.

To keep them in good health it is very important to give them a proper diet with complete nutrition. Take special care of their diet and make sure to feed them the right amount of food.

5. Their Teeth Grows Continuously

Chinchillas are pet whose teeth grow up to 2-3 inches every year. But you have to keep a proper check on the alignment of the teeth. If the teeth are not properly aligned, then it can lead to various health issues as well.

The misaligned teeth can make it difficult to chew the food properly and might even cause infection. As a result, it can affect the appetite of the Chinchillas and make them sick. So, a regular oral check-up is a must in Chinchilla.

6. They have Extremely Dense Fur

The cute tiny pet Chinchilla has dense fur, unlike the rodents. Their soft, silky fur makes them more attractive tiny creature to keep them as a pet. You have to take special care of the fur to keep it clean and to maintain softness. Preventing their fur from tangles and catching dirt is very important.


Chinchilla is the tiniest pet to keep, which is not like other rodents. Keeping this pet requires a lot of care and attention. Also, special care for diet is required. Thus, a few important things that you should keep in mind before getting a Chinchilla are described above.

You must know everything before getting a Chinchilla as a pet. It will be more helpful to keep it in a good health. A proper research and knowledge will help you make the life of your pet easier.


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