The United States is experiencing severe problems when it comes to laborers. First, there is an ongoing shortage. Millions of jobs are left unfilled because there are not enough workers. Second, many employers are struggling to find qualified workers. The skills gap is real, and it’s growing. One solution to both of these problems is to hire immigrants.

Southeast Asia has a fast-growing population, and many of these people are eager to work elsewhere. One particular country that has seen its share of people working abroad is Filipinos.

Filipinos Abroad

Over one million Filipinos are working abroad. A decent chunk of them can be found in the United States. They usually work in low-paying, domestic, child care, and agriculture jobs.

This is not to say that all Filipinos are low-skilled. In fact, many of them are highly skilled and educated. The Philippines has a literacy rate of 91%, higher than many countries in the United States. Many are also capable of speaking English.

This makes Filipinos an attractive option for employers. They are willing to work hard and usually have the needed skills. But what else should you consider before hiring Filipino workers? In this blog post, we’ll give you five essential tips.

Consider the Time Difference

The Philippines is in a different time zone than most Western countries, so you’ll need to consider that when communicating with your workers. Here are some ways you can ensure that the time difference won’t be problematic if you plan to work with them:

Schedule Meetings

It’s always good to schedule meetings in advance, but this is especially important when working with people in a different time zone. This will give them time to clear their schedule and make arrangements if needed.

Use a Time Zone Converter

Many online tools can help you convert between different time zones. This will come in handy when scheduling meetings and deadlines.

Be Flexible

You should be flexible when working with people in different time zones. There will be times when schedules don’t line up perfectly, and that’s okay. Just try to be understanding and accommodating.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

You can always hire a virtual assistant if you’re worried about the time difference. Virtual assistants are employees who work online, usually from another country. They can help with various tasks, including scheduling, communication, and customer service.

Know the Culture

Filipinos are known for their polite and respectful nature. However, they may also be more comfortable with informal communication than workers from other cultures. Be aware of these cultural differences and adjust your communication style accordingly.

Train Your Workers Thoroughly

Filipino workers are typically willing and eager to learn new skills, but they may not be familiar with your company’s specific processes and procedures. Therefore, ensure thorough training on all aspects of the job, including any software or systems they use.

Offer Unique Benefits

If you want Filipinos to work in your company, you’ll also need to offer benefits catering to their lifestyle. Here are some unique benefits you have to offer:


Filipinos are family-oriented individuals, and they like to send gifts back home. When they are homesick, they would also like to receive some authentic products back home. That’s why you must offer them the ability to send packages to The Philippines from the USA, and vice versa. This will ensure that they can stay connected with their loved ones and show that you’re considering their needs.

Housing Assistance

Since most Filipinos are not familiar with the housing market in the USA, you should offer them some assistance in finding a place to live. This could be in the form of a stipend or a housing allowance. You could also help them find a place to live near other Filipinos so that they can feel more at home.

Medical Insurance

Filipinos are resilient, but that doesn’t mean they are invulnerable to disease. Many Filipinos are susceptible to diseases like diabetes. As such, you should offer them comprehensive medical insurance that covers them in case of any emergency.

Paid Time Off

Filipinos love to travel often, so make sure to offer them a generous amount of paid time off to enjoy their time away from work.

Offer Support

Even though your workers may be located in another country, they’re still human beings with feelings and emotions. If they have difficulty understanding a task or feel like they’re not meeting your expectations, offer them support and encouragement instead of criticism.

Filipinos are hard-working individuals, making them valuable assets to any company. By following these tips, you can have a great experience working with them. It’ll also give you access to many skilled workers in the country.

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