“Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.” (c.) Mark Twain

Education gives us a push to reach our targets. A choice of the future profession is so serious as marriage. Making a mistake in this deal is worth a lot of time and efforts.

Getting into college is a very important step in the life of every person. Sometimes, it’s a very difficult decision on determining a college major. Before starting to determine your future profession, you should read several tips on this.

decided which major
Have you decided which major to choose?

This is very important, because of two main reasons. This decision is very important because it determines what degree you will graduate with and which profession you will be qualified after the graduation. The earlier you start thinking of it, the more chances you have to make a right decision.

According to an education counsellor at a leading University in Dubai, more than the choice of major, a lot depends on whether you are getting one. Getting an excellent degree in a not-so-great educational institution is not something you should be aiming for. A great and excellent credible educational college or university can do wonders in terms of improving your career prospects. 

What are you interested in?

This should be the main question when choosing a major. Pay attention to the subjects which you are excited by. It would be better when you choose a profession of your dream. If you have aspirations of becoming a doctor or working in the medical field, you will need to keep in mind that you will be required to take the MCAT. Check the test dates in 2020 for the MCAT so you have an idea of when you can take the test and how long you have to study and prepare for it.

If you like writing, you should choose a writing major. For instance, Grand Valley State University offers you a writing major. Also, you can choose the professional writing major that is very similar to general writing but has some differences. To become a creative writer or poet, you should choose the first option.

But if you have decided to become a professional freelance writer, pay your attention to the second option. This is a career-oriented writing program suitable for those who want to become a professional writer. Also, you can choose technical writing.

There are several “user-friendly” writing careers including technical writing, business writing, and science writing. The main purpose of these careers is to make difficult technical information clear for users. On the technical writing classes, you are studying how to adapt complicated and specialized topics for the target audience.

specialized topics

Also, you will get to know how to determine your target audience. Also, you can choose journalism, public relations, English literature, publishing, etc. There are a lot of careers similar to each other, but each of them has its specifications.

How much money do you want to earn?

After deciding which subjects you like and which professions you are really interested in, the most important question interesting for young people is which salary they can expect having chosen a particular career. It’s not a great secret that some careers allow you to earn more money and other ones offer less salary.

And it’s time to choose from the high salary and your vocation. This is a really difficult choice causing a lot of contradictions. College is your first investment in the future. Your dream salary is an important criterion when choosing a college major.

When you want your starting salary to be high, you should choose majors in statistics, government, and economics. Today, business professionals are very popular in the current job market.

If you have decided to choose majors including anthropology, sociology, English, and others, you can count on high starting salary. Also, you should be ready that the investment in the studying will be big too.

To calculate your starting salary, you can use Internet resources including PayScale. They will help you get to know which starting salary you can expect choosing a college major.

In conclusion, salary is a very important criterion when choosing your future profession.

Don’t forget to think of whether this profession is suitable for you or not, whether it will bring you a lot of happiness and soul satisfaction or not, how much people you can help if you have decided one or other profession.

Also, you should think of not only the annual salary but your personal expectations from this career. Wonder which personal characteristics this career path can develop and pay your attention to how you will be helpful to the humanity if you choose this college major.

This is very important to help people making you useful and presenting to you the feeling of the unity with other people surrounding you. And this feeling is the worthiest thing when deciding what you want to become. Any money can’t do you happy!

Which universities are suitable for you?

If you are lucky and know which profession you will have chosen before you will get into college, you should pay your attention to other main questions about your applying for college:

– Which colleges are best known for your interests?

– Which higher-education teaching personnel the college offers?

– Which promises does this program offer students in finding employment?

All these questions will help you select a college major, but also the place of your studying that is very important too. You should understand that not all colleagues offer equal studying conditions.

When you are selecting a college, you can find out that they don’t cover all your requirements and expectations. If you have decided which profession is a choice of your heart, keep in mind it when you are choosing which school you should attend.

Does your future profession require a particular location or no?

Some careers require a particular location. For instance, students who have decided to become astronauts should be located in Houston, where NASA is placed.

When it comes to choosing a college, you should pay attention to the city where it’s placed. It’s better when the university in the same city where you will be working in. This will help you land the better internship opportunities. Also, you will study the environment of your profession, all its particularities. If you are choosing your future profession, you should get to know where there are hubs of this profession.

When should you declare a college major?

As usual, you should declare your major, when you are in the sophomore or junior year. But it depends on schools and programs. Sometimes, you should list your major on the college application. It’s better to declare previously if your choice is a major requiring a lot of classes or classes limited to students in that major. Some majors require a strict order of declaring.


If you have read all these tips and don’t know which college major to choose don’t frustrate! It’s not a big problem when applying for college you don’t know which your future profession it will be. And this is normal when you can change your mind when the halfway of your studying has already gone. Manu students start understanding which profession to choose only when they have applied for college.

In conclusion, I’d like to give you the ultimate tips:

– Before deciding which college major to choose, you should take more electives in this field of interests;

– You can ask your parents, teachers, and friends for advice. Also, it’s very important to communicate with people who work in this profession. They can tell you a lot of interesting about your choice, all the advantages, and disadvantages of it.

– Also, for determining your future profession, you can pass a career test helping you find out which profession fit your personality, your personal skills, and propensities.

– Also, you can complete an internship or seminar session to understand more deeply this profession.