Your car has been there for you through rushed drives to work, late-night jam sessions with friends, and everything in between. Still, every owner-car relationship must eventually come to an end. Whether you’re excited to upgrade to the vehicle of your dreams or need to earn a chunk of cash in a pinch, selling your car quickly and efficiently can feel overwhelming and stressful.

If it’s time for you and your ride to part ways, check out these tips for selling your car fast.

Sell your vehicle to an auto-recycler

If you’re concerned that your vehicle’s quality may impair a speedy selling process, consider selling your vehicle to an auto recycler like Tear-A-Part that will guide you through a quick and straightforward process that will result in earning cash for your car. Most auto-recyclers aim to purchase vehicles that the recycler can then dismantle for sellable parts, so your automobile’s lack of title, poor condition, or even totaled status won’t be a deterrent.

Enter into a private sale with a friend or family member

Do you know someone who’s in search of a vehicle just like yours? Consider privately selling your car to a trusted friend or family member to reap the benefits of a quick and personal sale. By evading advertisement costs and skirting pressure to clean or fix up the automobile, you can get your car off of your hands with an honest, low-pressure interaction.

Sell at a discounted price

If time is of the essence, selling your automobile at a highly attractive and competitive price can save you both time-intensive negotiations and wasted time waiting for buyers to bite. While offering your vehicle at a lower price might make you cringe at the loss of potential profits, the ease and speed of a discounted sale just might be worth it. By selling your car at a below-market price, you’ll attract gaggles of customers and have offers to consider in no time.

Utilize a dealership

If your car is in decent condition, a dealership may be able to offer you a quick and fair transaction. Shop around at local dealerships that carry cars similar to your vehicle and request an appraisal. Once your car’s value is determined, a dealership sale can help you take care of necessary paperwork and sometimes even pay you the same day.

List the car on an online platform

Internet sales forums like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are the new black. Upload high-quality photographs and descriptions of your vehicle onto a few websites of your choice, and wait for buyers to come knocking (or messaging). Once you’ve done your research and compared your post to other listings, you can enter into a relatively low-effort sale. While you’ll have to remain cautious of online scammers or predators, the potential to land a deal for even higher than your asking price as a result of a Craigslist bidding war will be worth the extra work.

Before you go

While breaking up with your current vehicle can feel like both a sweet relief and a sad parting, a swift and profitable sell will not only leave you with extra cash in hand but also with extra room in your garage for a new and improved ride.


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