If your business regularly engraves products or parts, it might be time to buy a laser engraver of your own. This works wonders for speeding up the engraving process, and it’s usually more cost-effective in the long-run – win-win!

But, before you make this purchase, it’s essential to consider your requirements. So, in this article, we’ll discuss where to buy a laser engraver and what to look for!

Let’s dive in!

Before You Buy a Laser Engraver

A laser engraver is a significant purchase for any business, and before you make a purchase, you should be sure to know the machine can fulfill all of your requirements. These are some of the things to look out for before you make a decision:

Frequency of Use

Laser engravers are expensive – that is a simple matter of fact. As such, you should first determine whether you will be using the machine frequently enough to warrant the purchase.

If you only need to engrave an item occasionally, you might be able to enlist third-party services to do this for you and end up with a more cost-effective model.

Only purchase a machine if you are sure it will enjoy frequent use. Otherwise, you may be wasting space in your workshop as well as money.

What Materials Will You Engrave?

Laser engravers are used in a variety of industries and can engrave a significant number of different substances. These include wood, plastic, paper, acrylics, and metals, but also crystals and glass.

Not every laser engraver is suited for every material. Make sure you can predict your range of products and purchase an engraver that will suit your needs down the line.

Support and Maintenance

You’ll want this investment to last you many years. As such, it’s essential to know beforehand whether you can count on the necessary support to schedule regular maintenance and get repairs done if necessary.

The seller should be able to discuss maintenance options with you and offer an installation and induction service. Some machines are more straightforward to maintain than others.

You might be able to do some maintenance yourself, but if a more complicated process is involved, you may need to hire a technician—factor in the cost of this when you calculate your budget for a laser marker.

You should also assure that you can easily order replacement parts should anything go wrong. Are parts available at ease, or will there be a long waiting period associated with getting them?


A few factors determine the accuracy of a laser engraving machine. The most important is the transmission method. One such technique is the ‘lead screw drive‘; the other is rack gear.

Efficiency is tightly linked to the transmission method. In general, a lead screw drive is much more precise than a rack gear transmission method. The accuracy of the machine will also depend on how well the technician assembled the engraver to start with. The better the machine runs, the higher its accuracy. 

Finally, the higher the spindle power of the engraving machine, the more accurate the engraving. You may find that machines with higher spindle power are more expensive.

Assess before buying how much precision you require. If you work with small products and need very fine print, this may be high on your list of priorities.


Laser engravers are available in loads of different shapes and sizes. Some come with a large tower, while others can sit on a workbench where they consume relatively little space.

The size will depend on what sort of products you are looking to engrave, and whether you require additional functions that can aid in the production line. Some engravers, for example, can be linked up with a conveyor belt to ready items for engraving. 

Before you buy, make sure you assess what the likely size of your laser engraver will be and whether you have space for the machine in your workshop. Keep in mind larger machines might need a forklift to bring them in.

There should also be space between the engraver and the wall to allow for proper ventilation, and access to a power outlet will be required.

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Where to Buy a Laser Engraver for Your Business

LASIT is an innovator in laser marking and engraving. Once you’ve determined your requirements for a laser engraver, head over to their website, and browse their range of products. 

The FLYPEAK Laser Revolutionalizes Plastic Marking

If the primary material you are looking to mark is plastic, this compact engraver is the one to mark them all. This laser solution combines a high peak of power with a much shorter pulse duration than the solid-state lasers on the market.

This allows you to control the heat input, which is a significant factor in obtaining quality plastic markings.

Find this model here: https://www.lasitlaser.com/portfolio/laser-marking-green/

The TowerMark X

This extremely versatile laser marking machine is the top seller in its category. This isn’t surprising when you consider its affordable pricing and its range of applications.

The main feature of the Tower Mark X is its ability to move the laser along the X and Z axes, which allows for the marking of individual pieces in all different sizes.

Ready to Purchase a Laser Engraver? 

If you were wondering where to buy a laser engraver for your business, we hope this article points you in the right direction.

Make sure you know your requirements and evaluate your space and budget before you make this critical buying decision.  For more content like this, subscribe to our blog! It’s the easiest way to stay up to date with all our latest posts.

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