If you’re a motor enthusiast, you may have considered all of the obvious places to indulge your hobbies. But have you thought about visiting Brookwood? Brookwood in Surrey is an amazing place for motorists and enthusiasts of all kind, for a variety of reasons. So read on to find out why you simply must visit Brookwood – whether it’s for the history, the culture, the beautiful surroundings, or even the fun car themed activities surrounding you! So whether you’re taking your own vehicle, or want to take one of the luxury Brookwood cars on offer, it’s an amazing place for all your needs!

A Beautiful Place To Go For A Drive

Something very appealing about Brookwood is how rural and stunning its location is. It is set in leafy surrey, and is surrounded by lots of green woodlands. It is a truly beautiful, peaceful area. This makes it the perfect place to go for a long drive to see the gorgeous sights. Why not bring the kids and a picnic, and stop off on your way for a moment? And once you’re done exploring the long and winding roads in your vehicle, why not visit some of the gorgeous historical sites that surround you?

Historical Links

Brookwood is an extremely historical area, with lots of links to various points in history. For example, Sutton place has links to Henry VIII, and is an incredible place to frequent. Much of the housing in Brookwood dates back to the Victorian era, and the large Brookwood cemetery is the UK’s largest cemetery, and one of the largest in Europe. Additionally, Brookwood cemetery has incredible links to the past, as it used to have its own specific train line, right next to Waterloo station. While Brookwood cemetery may not be the first thought of places to visit, it truly makes for a fascinating visit, and is also an extremely peaceful and relaxing place to be.

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Close To Sandown Racecourse

If you love all modes of transport and fancy the horse races – why not visit the Sandown racecourse? Here, you can see the fast paced famous races, and even try your hand at betting on your favourite horses! And even better – occasionally, there is a classic car auction held at Sundown racecourse, full of amazing, unique cars. So whether you want to go to see all the beautiful vintage vehicles, or if you fancy treating yourself, it’s a great day out for any motoring enthusiast!

Mercedes Benz World, Brooklands

Want some fast-paced fun for the whole family? Why not visit Mercedes Benz World in Brooklands? While it is a short drive from Brookwood, this shouldn’t be an issue if you’re a vehicle lover yourself, or are taking one of the area’s luxurious taxi options. You can take part in exclusive Mercedes Benz driving experiences, as well as exploring amazing exhibitions, seeing the Silver Arrows display team, experiencing amazing F1 simulator experiences, and taking some refreshments in the cafe. It’s truly an incredible day out for kids (and big kids alike!)


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