Are you going to buy a new phone? Confused about purchasing which OS can suit your need? Why not buy the new Android phone with OS named Pie that has recently launched? The OS has come with new features that will definitely amuse and you will definitely love to operate your phone with Pie OS. The features that will inspire you and convince you to buy the phone with this OS are

New Navigation System

Are you bored of three buttons present at your home screen for navigation purpose? No need to be bored of such stuff now as new pie has come with the advanced navigation feature. The new pill-shaped hoe button is available for easy navigation and operation of your phone. You have to swipe up, down right and left to search for different icons in your phone. For example, swipe up the home button to open the recent views.

Battery Prevention Is Updated

Fed up of the battery drainage in your old phone? No such issue will be present for lowering of the battery as the special sleep mode feature that will automatically turn off the apps which are not in use. In this way, it reduces the battery consumption and helps in keeping the phone active for some additional period of time. to activate this feature, you can apply the settings of the adaptive battery to utilize this feature.

App action and slices

It is recently added a feature in the new Pie version. It lets you quickly start your tasks by predicting what you want to do. In a similar way, slice feature helps you to jump to certain actions in the app.

Digital Wellbeing

Do you often check your phone? Want to keep on check yourself that how many times you use your phone? Then the digital wellbeing is the special feature that keeps an eye on your activities. when you log in it start keeping a record of using your phone. It also records about the apps that you use your apps in your phone.

The new Pie OS has launched with many advanced features. It helps you getting experience with a lot of entertainment and fun. The app loads very quickly and there is no delay while downloading the new apps. The OS has come with improved security. Although you use various security apps to keep your computer safe from other users’ new version has improved security and help to prevent your phone from hackers while internet browsing. The lockdown option is present, just activate it and it will lock all the security locks like passwords and fingerprint lock system. There are a lot of accessibility features as well as the new screenshot shortcut.

If you are willing to spend money on your new phone that it will be a good decision to spend for this advanced Android version. you can check their reviews and then make a decision. It will be definitely valuable and worth spending on the phone with Pie version.