Why do you need SEO?

There are two types of search results in Google and other engines. Paid and organic. You probably think that you should only care about the paid ones, as they will always give you the highest position on the SERP (search engine result page). It might be true, but organic visibility is important, too. It’s surprising how effective SEO can be when it comes to traffic, lead generation, and building brand awareness. And you don’t have to pay Google for it!

SEO will help you expand your business

That’s the main intake here. Marketing consists of many activities dedicated to the different goals and needs of your company. SEO ranking is an integral part of these efforts. In today’s world, when every industry is filled with competitors, you need to invest in everything that can give you an advantage. SEO is one of these things. Why? It offers various benefits you should know about.


You want your target audience to easily find you in Google or other search engines. They should simply type in a phrase related to your business and see you, preferably at the top of the first results page. This will give you higher chance that the user will click on your website and get interested in your offer. 


Increased traffic on your website is a direct effect of better ranking. Statistics don’t lie – three-quarters of clicks come from the first several pages that appear in the results. Most of the online users don’t even get past the initial result page they see. A well-designed SEO strategy will get you more visitors, which can be the first step towards additional leads.


The association is simple – your website is ranked high, which means it’s trustworthy, full of useful content, and valuable for the audience. SEO used to be focused on keywords, but now the algorithms also check the quality of your website and content. and you can check blogger outreach service for more info, If they see that you provide relevant information browsed by users, your position grows.

User Experience

Again, SEO is not about keywords anymore. It’s also about your website’s speed, structure, and overall user experience you can provide. Also, when you create optimized content, it also makes your page easier to navigate, intuitive, and user-friendly. Google likes that and rewards you with a better ranking.

Source of data

A mindful approach to SEO means you also collect data to analyze it and optimize your activities. This way, you can learn more about your potential customers and adjust the strategy accordingly. When you see changes in your traffic or position, you can understand better how the market evolves or look for information that might’ve influence consumer behaviors.

Maybe it’s better to focus on paid ads instead?

Definitely that’s not the case. Specialists say the best strategy is to invest in paid activities and organic ones, like SEO. They tend to give the best possible outcomes. Many people don’t want to click on ads – that’s when organic results come in handy. Also, if you can have both ads and a high organic position, why shouldn’t you?

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