There are many myths in the skincare industry about the usage of various products and different people telling different things does not help, it is commonly seen that people have a perception that exfoliation is only for dry skin or that exfoliation is something not necessary, today with the help of  M Caffeine we are here to burst all such myths and convey why exfoliation is so important for you, lets quickly delve into it.

What is exfoliation and why is it necessary?

Well, the first and foremost thing one needs to know is that their body sheds its skin which becomes dead cells, but they do not leave the body they just get stuck on the skin, now if they are not removed they will form flakes or patches on your skin, hence this is where one realizes the importance of exfoliating their skin. It is the process of removing those unwanted dead skin cells easily and quickly so that they do not cause any skin, diseases and the skin remains clean and healthy. To exfoliate one may use an exfoliating body scrub through which they will be able to clean their skin as well as unclog their pores whiles cleaning the skin.

Exfoliation is necessary because of the following reasons –

1- Control aging –

As people grow older they start getting pigmentation spots on their skin, rough patches and loosening of the skin is also pretty common. Exfoliation not only breaks those pigmented cells it also removes the build-up of dry skin which helps to retain the healthy and soft glowing skin, one of the major body scrub benefits is that it transforms the dull complexion into a glowing one.

2- Stimulate blood flow –

Exfoliating body scrubs also help to stimulate the blood circulation in the body, when skin is exfoliated blood can pass through easily and quickly which causes this, because of this the appearance of cellulite is minimized and the elasticity of the skin is improved which improves the glow and charm on the face and body parts.

3- Improve skin moisture & hydration –

People who do not exfoliate their skin often find that their skin is suffering from dehydration, they can easily spot white flakes on their skin and many layers of dead skin cells build up on their skin, which makes it even harder for the moisturizers to go in when they apply them which causes even lesser hydration of the skin, resulting in itching and rashes. The only way to keep such problems at bay is by exfoliating regularly and then applying a moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.

4- Reduce blemish –

People who have acne are generally under the impression that exfoliating will only increase their problems which is a myth scientifically busted long ago and its time people start using an exfoliating body scrub because such people often fall victim to breakouts which can easily be cleared by exfoliation by unclogging the pores and minimizing the formation of blackheads and even whiteheads if one has any.

Such people just have to take a bit extra care while exfoliating, they should not scrub the face or their body too hard, plus they also need to be extra delicate with the choice of exfoliant or body scrub they are using, the ones by m caffeine are good for the skin, otherwise, people often find their skin drying up excessively due to the wrong choice of exfoliant. The choice of exfoliant and the gap between its usage also matters, it is highly prescribed to use only twice a week so that the body gets cleaned as well as extra dryness does not occur, as the body excretes important fluids like sebum in the skin to provide nutrients to the skin, using an exfoliant too much and that too daily will wipe off the effect of that causing the skin to be dryer than usual.

How to exfoliate the skin –

The exfoliation process is best carried out gently as being too harsh will result in drying up of the skin which further leads to tearing up of the skin. The exfoliating body scrubs are best to be used on damp skin so that it lathers up and exfoliates the skin during shower time.

It is really important to make small, circular motions while exfoliating over the body part which one wants to exfoliate, other than this each area should be exfoliated for 30-40 seconds so that no gap persists, and then it is equally important to rinse the same with lukewarm water. As the body scrub removes all the dirt and unclogs the pores, it becomes essential to apply a nourishing body moisturizer which will give the skin the much-needed hydration and the nutrients it was lacking, the skin will start glowing immediately after this process has been concluded.

One shouldn’t use body scrubs if they have any cuts or wounds as it may cause irritation on the skin. Exfoliation can be done with a four or five-day gap each time for the best results.

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