Gmail is a free email service supported by Google. Sending and receiving emails is part of our daily routine. But some of the emails we receive are spam or are being sent from bot-created email addresses. Because of the increase in spam, email services like Google have improved their spam filters, and many honest email marketers are affected by these measures. That’s why it is crucial for anyone sending email blasts to use an email verifier.

There are people in this world who create fake websites and send fake emails to other people while pretending to be someone trustworthy. They try to grasp secure and sensitive information from the user, such as passwords, credit card information, account information etc. This is a type of scam. Our internet service providers are continuously changing the ways they refine messages that are displayed in our inboxes. Thus, for marketers sending email campaigns or running customer management businesses, using an email verifier has become essential.

An email verifier will remove invalid and fake email addresses from your email list and improve your email deliverability. When you constantly email to addresses like spam traps, toxic domains, abuse or catch-all emails, your reputation will be damaged. It’s best to remove these leads from your database and maintain a good sending reputation, as when your reputation is untarnished, email services like Google won’t consider your emails spam and will deliver them to the inbox.

Using internet is getting common day by day. People who are not using internet these days are going back and back. Same is with the use of emails. No matter in which business or profession you are, sending and receiving emails is getting common and one need to use it again and again. Getting more and more fake emails and not managing them becomes a big trouble later on. It can affect your daily working and also your business. Thus, taking the right step and using email verifier can be a smart move.

Why use an email verifier

Better communication – It will enhance the way you communicate with your customers, because you will be reaching more of them. It will make it easy for you to communicate with your clients more easily without any problem or trouble.

No more dead accounts – A good email verifier will tell you whether an email address is active (receiving and opening emails) or if it has been abandoned. People change their email addresses all the time and it’s risky to keep sending blasts to inboxes that are not in use anymore. So, it becomes important and easy for your business to send safe mails to your clients and you can save your time sending any emails to fake emails.

Easy and fast – An email verifier involves a very easy process and within a matter of minutes, you can clean your email list and enjoy the results. It provides you easy working area and you can work without any doubts and troubles.

Better business – If you run a business and you’re trying to stay in touch with your customers, using an email verifier is a must. Your campaigns will reach more people, so you’ll have better chances of selling your products and services and get the outcomes you’re expecting from your campaigns.

There are many email verifiers on the market. ZeroBounce, for example, is a reliable email verifier that not only removes bad email addresses from your list, but also adds information about your subscribers. With ZeroBounce, you can learn the recipients’ name, gender and location.

Artificial intelligence email scoring system

The email industry is constantly evolving, making way for new technologies that that improve our performance. ZeroBounce has recently launched an artificial intelligence-driven email scoring system which scores the quality of your email list. It scans the addresses in your database and returns a score for each, thus giving you a more complex feedback on your contacts.

Using an email verifier will boost your email marketing campaigns, help you maintain a good sending reputation and get the results you’re expecting from your email blasts.