Local Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective digital tools for the online promotion of small businesses. It’s an indispensable assistant for companies when it comes to advertising their products or services to local customers since most users browse information on Google maps and, more likely, users who search for information in local search will make purchases of goods and services offline. Benefits of a local SEO campaign:

  • the guarantee of top rankings in search engines;
  • excellent and high-quality interaction of consumers with your brand;
  •  a tangible boosting in sales.

Local positioning does not significantly differ from the general positioning of websites on the Internet and covers a similar range of digital marketing activities. But, it is focused primarily on accomplishing the best effect of website promotion in the nearest region of the company. Regional SEO will have a high impact on businesses in a specific area such as automobile repair shops, hairdressers, restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, hotels, bakeries, construction services, etc. These are companies for which international promotion will probably not bring success and high conversion.

Steps on the way to high-quality local Search Engine Optimization

Google My Business. Connecting with your clients through Google My Business should be a top priority. When filling out a profile, you must include full company name, correct address, and telephone numbers. To be sure clients can reach you any time, specify the exact hours of work, including work hours on weekends and on pre-holiday days. To draw more attention, fill your profile with unique and appealing photos. Also clearly describe the activities of your business. It will help the search engine better understand you and match your proposal with search queries. 

Take care of local reviews. No SEO strategy exists without reliable online social proof, as more than 90% of users, when evaluating regional companies, perceive reviews as personal recommendations. To enhance advertising efforts, improve website visibility, gain higher rankings, work on a positive online reputation.  

Local content creation. You can use the following tips on how to build your local content marketing strategy:

  • develop new landing pages for local pages and optimize them with relevant content and meta tags;
  • take care of a news section on your site and keep it updated with details on local events;
  • don’t skip the stage of filling the Questions and Answers section and add answers to popular searches there.

Online directories and citations. Web directories are still important for search engine optimization. If a reputable source links to your site or online store, it will always have a positive impact on its ranking.

Backlink promotion in local search results. Link building is a great tactic to ensure that more local clients are aware of your business. Such sources must be of high quality, otherwise, the site runs the risk of falling under the sanctions of search engines. Avoid a black hat SEO technique and apply only legal for search robots methods.

Also, make sure your site is mobile-friendly, test and improve speed, work on your online image, and your optimization strategy will definitely pay off.

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Local SEO costs

The cost of local promotion, as well as the speed of obtaining a result, directly depends on the competition and your business niche according to seo in irvine ca. The harsher the competition, the higher the SEO cost. For example, in Sydney, the local advertising on Google will be more expensive than in smaller cities, as the goal is to attract the wider target audience, and it requires more time and resources.

However, by optimizing your site for queries based on user location, you will not only increase your online visibility for users in your area, but you will also be able to gain more potential leads. SEO specialists of LuxSite company will help you to conduct an audit and build an effective strategy for gaining local clients.

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