You may already be familiar with threat protection but those who are wondering about what it is and whether they need it, we have you covered. This article is not only a guide of what it is but also explains why you need it so badly.

What is The Advanced Threat Protection Office 365?

Today, every organization requires the basic skill of using computers to store important and controversial data etc. But what if this data is under threat of invasion by scammers? There are scammers all around us, trying to reach out into our cyber systems through our emails, messages etc. imagine having your data leaked and sold out to your competitors. Well, worry not when you have The Advanced Threat Protection Office 365.

The Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection or the ATP is the solution to all of your organization protection and security problems. It basically protects your organization from any attacks by various features and functions it originally cater. Not only this but it also scans your emails, the attachments and URLs in it, it helps to put a stop and blocks all the malicious files in SharePoint, OneDrive and the Microsoft Teams as well. It keeps a check of all the unauthorized messages you receive or compose and can even detect when an outsider is attempting to imitate your users in order to hack in. How more secure can one get?

Why do you need it in your life?

The Advanced Threat Protection Office 365 is not only about protecting the data but also the integrity of your company. No computer system is safe from malware attacks and virus infestations, without a proper threat protection service. Lucky for you, this one gets the job done just right.

The ATP software helps to not only detect the issue but also put in all of its effort to eradicate it from the core by using its response capabilities. These include the following;

  • Threat trackers: this feature allows you to literally view any information about the malware that attacked your system. You can then even decide to take action against it before it develops into an actual threat.
  • Threat Explore: this allows you to analyze recent and current threats and further explore to show more information about them.
  • Attack Simulator: the best of all, this feature allows you literally attack back. There are a further types of attacks one can choose from.

One of the very useful advanced features of the ATP is that it runs automated investigation and response (AIR) in order to save you all the time which could otherwise be used against you. Now that is something one looks for in a security system, ease.

Everyone wants to get rid of the mental stress of encountering a virus or malware in their system, for this they used to change passwords frequently or keep updating their system etc. However, now time is running faster and more advance than ever. Thus you need a secure and stress free threat protection system like the ATP in order to remain secure for as long as you desire.

Be careful when you choose threat protection

You might be tempted now to choose a threat protection software for Microsoft office. However, there are a number of things you need to be aware of as you do so. Many people rush in their decision and make a mistake which costs them money and time as well as provides a bad experience.

Whenever choosing a protection software, make sure that it is completely secure. The product must provide you protection in every aspect. It should have the ability to scan the documents and protect you from malicious attachments sent in emails as well as in cloud drives. Advanced threat protection is a software that helps in tackling with most of the attacks and threats that many Microsoft files receive. Designed to protect the integrity of your files, the software work in preventing hackers from accessing the files.

Final words

Threat protection is integral for individuals across the globe. Many people have sensitive documents as MS office 365 files and you need to protect them from unwanted access. Therefore, don’t waste any time in acquiring advanced threat protection software for Microsoft 365.

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