If you’re running a company, that is based on frequent customer interaction, you know the effort it takes to keep everybody up to date on the status of every single one of your clients. Although every client might just require a few simple steps, you need to make sure that these measures are being taken.

If you only have a small number of customers and a small number of employees, or even work by yourself, this shouldn’t be a problem. Yet, if your company begins to grow, you need to make sure, that you don’t lose control. The more employees and customers you get, the more time you need to invest on your information management. If you’re not using the right tool, you’re going to have a hard time maintaining a positive customer satisfaction. Teamleader can help you with this.

What is a CRM-System and what can it do for you?

CRM stands for customer relationship management tool and is used in almost every bigger company. It helps you, as the name implies, to obtain an understanding of your clients’ needs and desires. A CRM system saves all the relevant information on your clients. This includes the address, phone number, name and so on, but also relevant information on recent purchases. Imagine trying to sell a product to somebody, who just recently bought this product. This wouldn’t leave a good impression on you would it?

How can a CRM-System increase your overall revenue?

A CRM-System is a great tool to increase your overall sales revenue. How does this work? CRM Systems allow you to understand your customers’ needs better than you have ever before. Let’s say your customer is looking for a product, that you offer. Yet, your customer doesn’t know that you are offering this product. The proper use of CRM system makes sure, that you have let your customers know about the products you offer. Customers always prefer buying from companies they know already and have been satisfied with instead of searching for a new provider.

Customize your CRM to meet your requirements

If you run a small business, are a freelancer or employ only a few people, you probably do not need a large, complex system to manage your current projects. Fortunately, there are tools designed to make your work easier instead of tediously entering more data. Perfectly matched to your requirements, CRM should enable you to enter all your contacts, planned and completed tasks, work schedule and have a few additional basic functions, thanks to which your business will start moving in the right direction.

Create a list of all your contacts

Business cards have long since ceased to play the role that was once attributed to them. Today, access to contacts must be fast, effective and allow to obtain all the necessary information. Using CRM tailored to your requirements in one place you will collect data on the companies you cooperate with, people responsible for contacts and projects that are related to these companies. This is the easiest way to stop wasting time looking for the right people exactly when you really need them.

Remember about the tasks thanks to which you develop your company

Very often it happens that when sending an e-mail to a customer we forget about him until we receive an answer from him. As long as such an answer actually reaches us. Before I started using CRM, I usually forgot to remind myself of the message sent again. Only systematic registration of tasks and correspondence helped me to noticeably increase the number of customers, finalised contracts or people satisfied with the cooperation. This is an important detail, especially at a time when proper customer service plays a key role in the case of greater competition in our industry.

Improve the organization of time and work in your company

While running our own business, we do not have time to waste it on ineffective activities. Very often the lack of a proper organization causes that we lose a very important client or another important order for our company. In most cases, we cannot afford it. We need a tool that will not only make it easier, but will also organize everything that happens in our company, including the distribution of tasks among employees or appropriate communication within the company. I don’t know of a successful company, which is able to organize its work without the need to have even the simplest CRM. At the moment it is one of the most important tools thanks to which we are able to develop our business, meet deadlines and perform planned tasks with due diligence. If the organization of your company’s activities so far leaves a lot to be desired, the implementation of CRM will probably bring you very noticeable results. It is high time to try it.

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