Why You Should Work With a Real Estate Agent When Purchasing a Vacation Home

Real Estate Agent When Purchasing a Vacation Home

Most people think about working with a real estate agent when they are purchasing a home they intend to live in year-round or selling their home, but there are several reasons that you should consider working with a Realtor when purchasing a vacation home, too. Most Florida sellers have recommended their agent to at least two people since selling their home. In fact, 40% of people recommend their agent at least three times after they sell! That means that they are doing something right.

They Know The Market

The housing market can be stable at times and volatile during other periods. However, many sellers attempt to exploit a seller’s market by raising prices for the most profit. When shopping in an unfamiliar market, it can be easy to accidentally overpay for your vacation home. A Realtor with experience in the housing market won’t let that happen.

They Know What’s Appealing

Did you know that people find homes with new roofs more appealing because they won’t have to make major repairs soon? In fact, 32% of Realtors use a new roof to help sell a house. That’s because your Realtor will know that you don’t want to deal with things like a house needing a new roof or major plumbing repairs when searching for your second home, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

They Have Key Information Regarding Prices

Real estate agents are well aware that some upgrades can increase the price of a house. For example, 90% of Realtors reported that homes with hardwood floors sold for a higher price, according to a National Wood Flooring Association survey. However, some homeowners will list everything possible, including small matters like new doorknobs, to justify a price hike. Realtors see through that and negotiate to get you a fair deal.

They Provide Convenience

Shopping for a house across the country can be tiresome. You may be unable to take off work to see several homes in person, and meeting with the homeowner can be a hassle. Realtors take care of the leg work, ensuring you only fly to your future vacation destination to see the most suitable homes. They can also schedule tours of available houses one after another so you can see them all while you’re in town.

They Have Access to More Listings

Most people seeking listings will be able to find many available on websites like Zillow, but that’s nothing compared to what a Realtor has access to. Real estate agents network, meaning they know about listings not being posted online. They can also find out about houses that will be put up for sale soon, giving you early access that you won’t get on your own.

They Have Knowledge About Prime Florida Communities

Local real estate agents know the ins and outs of the communities they serve. An experienced Realtor will be able to get to know you and find a house that is within driving distance of your future favorite coffee shop, hiking trail, or shopping mall. They can ensure you find a home in a safe neighborhood that suits you and your family. Crime statistics don’t tell you that a neighborhood may be party central or known for prostitution, but a local Realtor will.

Working with a real estate agent means finding a vacation home you and your family will love at a fair price. It means that you’ll have the best listings and enjoy the convenience of not having to negotiate with homeowners!