The need to detect the 802.11 IEEE standard Wi-Fi devices in your workplace, home and elsewhere creates the need for the WiFi Finder Plus. You can install and use it from your laptop, PC and other compatible systems. The system is highly intelligent in its functionality. It can clearly distinguish between genuine WiFi signals and others emanating from other remote electronic devices like the doorbell, oven etc. It can also detect Bluetooth devices with the same efficiency and accuracy.

WiFi Finder Plus – Design

The WiFi Finder Plus is a compact device with a dimension of 4.1cmx1cmx8.9cm. It has a unique connector which can be locked to the keychain of your car. It comes with five distinct LED lights for indicating the different status of WiFi and Bluetooth connections.

The scanning button located to the right of LED is easy to operate with single press. It is designed within a safe groove to avoid accidental turning on/off while carrying in your pocket.  If you want to put the device into a search mode, you have to press and hold the “On“button for a few seconds. Te system can automatically detect nearest available networks in its scan mode.

WiFi Finder Plus – Construction

High grade engineering plastic molded body with rubber coating is resistant to heat, humidity, and extreme climatic conditions. It can also withstand accidental fall from your working table.

The connector to the keychain is located just beneath the On/Off button. Both are made from resilient and lightweight stainless steel material that has high resistance to rusting, warping and wearing. The connector is firmly locked onto the case with a strong and sleek pin. There is sufficient for the connector to slide along the length of pin. Hence, it is flexible and protects the case from vibrations and shocks

The replaceable battery is located within a safe round groove at the rear end of the device. The star screw can be used to install and uninstall the battery very easily.

WiFi Finder Plus scanWiFi Finder Plus – Scanning

WiFi Finder Plus is highly sensitive to the WiFi specially (wireless adapters for gaming) and Bluetooth devices within its maximum range of distance. It can detect multiple modems from various brands and models. The best feature of the device its ability to scan modems that are located behind obstacles like the office furniture partitions.

The lights start blinking when you turn on the device for the first time. It is to indicate the active scanning mode. It runs for a few seconds before turning green when it is able to detect the signals. If it is unable to detect any signals, the red light turns on.

WiFi Finder Plus can display the signal strength and the modem band and model that it detects on your laptop. You can open the network connections and sharing menu from the windows desktop tray and select the required network.

When it comes to detecting the WiFi signals, WiFi Finder Plus is highly efficient. It can detect even the smallest signals which are difficult to trace. It works with equal efficiency for Bluetooth also.

WiFi Finder Plus – Accuracy

WiFi Finder Plus has an inbuilt protection mechanism from interference. The system generates radio frequency waves that are distinctly unique from the waves of other mobile devices. Hence, you can be sure of its reliability at your home, office or open spaces like your garden and terrace top of your house.

Differentiation of Bluetooth signals WiFi signals is the most important benefit of using WiFi Finder Plus. If you are working on your laptop Bluetooth connection to transfer files from your smart phone, it won’t affect your WiFi network detection in any way.

WiFi Finder Plus can also detect the variations in the signal strength when the traffic is low or high. The indicators start glowing randomly to indicate.

WiFi Finder Plus – Direction

Sometimes you may find it difficult to orient your laptop’s WiFi adaptor in the right direction from which the signals are emanating. It may happen in your office when the WiFi device might be moved from one location to the other. Using WiFi Finder Plus will solve your problem as it can accurately detect the originating direction of the signals. It can also show the clear differentiation between strong and weak signals from multiple WiFi devices.

WiFi Finder Plus – Adaptability

WiFi Finder Plus can quickly adapt to your laptop, PC, Mac, and notebook within seconds. It works well with all the legacy and latest operating systems with no hassles. In addition, it can work independent of any interference from Ethernet card that you may install on your system.  The system needs no driver software for installation. You can just plug it into a USB port on your system and it starts working within a few seconds.

WiFi Finder Plus – Conformance

WiFi Finder Plus conforms to all the WiFi devices of 802.11 b/g/n standards. The minimum frequency is 2.4GHZ and band width is 22MHZ. It is compatible to the modulation antenna systems that come under DSSS, FHSS and OFDM.

WiFi Finder Plus – Crowd detection

One of the most important features of WiFi Finder Plus, which you need to know, is the WiFi crowd detection. You can see its working on close observation. It can probe the signal strength and determine the most crowded and least crowded signals. Then you can open the WiFi and network connection from your desktop tray to select the one with minimum traffic congestion. Though it is not an explicit feature of WiFi Finder Plus, you can get to know how it works with experience.

WiFi Finder Plus – Security and Signal

WiFi Finder Plus can work with almost all types of WiFi systems operating on different security systems. For example, it is compatible to WEP, WPA2, and other equivalent systems.

  • Ratio: The WiFi Finder Plus can clearly distinguish between genuine network signals and noise. It is entirely different from filtering out the other radio and remote signals that come from ovens, mobile phones, alarms, and other electronic devices. The inbuilt system analyzes the signal to noise ration with highest efficiency and precision. Hence, the LED lights show you clear indications about noise.
  • Obstacles: As you read earlier, WiFi Finder Plus signals can penetrate through furniture partitions to detect WiFi devices. Its signals are equally strong to pass through partition walls between cabins in your office. For example you can carry your laptop to the break area, reception, or the CEO rooms and stall get clear detection signals to the WiFi device located in the computer room. Even in locations separated by a thick concrete wall, you can get good signal strength if the ventilation system has sufficient space for the waves to pass though.

WiFi Finder Plus – How it Works

You may be traveling across the countryside and there is an emergency need to connect to internet. On the way you may reach a coffee house or a restaurant on the way with WiFi system. WiFi Finder Plus can alert you even when you are at a distance from the network.

You may be sitting in a library located among tall skyscraper buildings and in need of WiFi network. WiFi Finder Plus can detect the signals from a distant source and display the best strength when you simply change the laptop direction towards its origination point. There are many such instances in which you can get the signals easily without any hassles. How does it work?

WiFi Finder Plus can work in passive and active detection modes depending on the strength of signal frames. When the WiFi system broadcasts its SSID, the system can detect it and display signals. It is the active mode in which the system works. On the other hand, the system can also receive signals from hidden WiFi devices which may be located in distant locations from your laptop.

The system can detect beacon transmission that varies between various WiFi systems. The standard WiFi devices transmit the beacons at the rate of ten after every second. It may also be lower or higher depending on the available signal strength. WiFi Finder Plus can detect all the signals from a wide range of frequencies and wavelengths.

WiFi Finder Plus can also detect the signals when the point of origin may not be immediately accessible. In such cases, you need to turn your laptop USB port in the right direction to detect the source point. It is a simple process, which takes only a few seconds.

WiFi Finder Plus – Summary

WiFi Finder Plus is the best device to carry when you go to your office, casual city stroll, or long distance travel with your laptop or notebook. It fits into the standard USB port comfortably. You can attach it to your car keys or the belt loop of your trouser. The most important benefit is its WiFi detection when it is on and not connected to a laptop. Hence, you can save the time of connecting to the system whenever you wish to locate a network near you. The long lasting battery life ensures consistent working with no hassles.

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