Will Smith Hopes ‘Emancipation’ Is Not Penalized for His Oscar slap

Will Smith
Will Smith

Will Smith is worried that the public will take their anger out on him by not watching his new movie, Emancipation, which comes out December 9th.

The star expressed during his interview with Fox 5 that he is aware the audience may not be ready to see him back on screen, and completely understands if the Oscars incident has changed how they will receive his new movie. He does not want audiences to miss out on the film as a whole because of what happened.

“The only thing my team is worried about at work is, I hope the whole movie team doesn’t get punished for what I did,” said Will Smith.

He continued on to say that not being able to sleep well at night thinking about what will happen if the team doesn’t win is only outweighed by how much he’ll do to make sure everyone’s work gets the recognition it deserves.

He also praised the distinguished work presented by director Antoine Fuqua and cinematographer Robert Richardson in the film, noting that the screenplay of Emancipations is one of the greatest screenplays he has obtained as an actor.

The postponed film Emancipation was set to release last May but was pushed back because of the anticipated poor response from the public due to the backlash from the now-infamous Oscar slap.

Will Smith’s new film, Emancipation, received high praise from critics at its special screening. To help him get through his recent Oscar crisis – in which he slapped fellow actor Chris Rock when he made a joke about Smith’s wife; Jada Benedict – many stars came to support him by being with him and sharing the experience of this special event.

Notable stars in attendance included Rihanna and her husband Asap Rocky, Dave Chappelle, Tyler Perry, Kenya Paris and more.

Smith gathered a group of stars together for a special screening of his new movie, and posted the picture on his Instagram account.

He attached his post with a comment that read, “An epic night!! Thank you for coming to see Emancipation. I hope you enjoy it!” In the comments section, Paris wrote, “This night was magical and your movie really is something that will last forever!”

Emancipations movie

Will Smith stars as Peter—a man who was previously enslaved but escapes during the Civil War— in this Louisiana-based film about his journey to find freedom.

“Peter” starts the trailer off by saying, “I heard it myself—slaves are free.” From there, he set out on a journey to find Abraham Lincoln and his cannons.

In the scene, as Peter and his friends try to escape, they come across treacherous swamps in Louisiana. “There are various ways to die in these kinds of conditions,” says one of the comrades during the conversation. To which Peter replies with a true statement, “There are many ways to die anywhere.” Then we see footage of him running away from not only dogs and soldiers chasing after him but also escaping death itself by making it through the deadly swamps of Louisiana. And finally seeing that he has made it out alive ,he looks up at the sky admiringly and proclaims “I will conquer my enemies”.

“Emancipation” is the story of Peter, a man who escapes from slavery. With his intelligence, strong belief system and love for his family, he evade hunters and the difficult Louisiana terrain in order to gain freedom.

Emancipation is Will Smith’s first film in over 7 months, and it is set to compete in the Oscars season. The deadline for submitting entry categories is mid-November, with voting and announcing of nominees beginning in December.

Will Smith will not be able to attend the Academy Awards for 10 years, but this ban is unlikely to include winning or being nominated for awards.

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