Florida – A woman’s body was found between the jaws of a 4-meter-long crocodile

A crocodile was killed while being pulled from a stream in the US state of Florida, while the body of a 41-year-old woman was recovered from its jaws, officials said yesterday, Saturday.

Police said they responded to a report of a body seen in a stream in Largo, Florida, and that the 4-meter-long male alligator was “killed cruelly.”

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The police also identified the body, noting that the investigation is continuing to determine “the circumstances and causes of death.”

For his part, a man named Jamarcus Pollard revealed that he saw a large crocodile and a body in the creek, and ran to a nearby fire brigade barracks to report it.

He pulled her under the water

“I threw a stone at the alligator, just to see if it was really an alligator,” the witness told a local NBC News television channel on Friday.

He also noted that the animal “was clutching the body, and appeared to be clinging to the lower part of the chest, then pulled it under the water.”

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Pollard pointed out that the crocodile strongly resisted the authorities’ attempts to repel it.

Furthermore, he went on to explain that “they proceeded to encircle his neck with a rope and affix it to the truck’s pulley.” He added, “They intended to lower him into the truck, but instead, he exerted such force that he began pulling it towards the water.”

They shot him

“They retrieved a lengthy pole, lifted the head above the water’s surface, and proceeded to fire at it. After securely wrapping it up, they extended it fully and measured its length,” Pollard explained, before continuing, “They then fired at it once more.”

Alligators are prevalent creatures in the southeastern United States, particularly in the state of Florida.

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