Self-care and self-nourishment are finally making a grand re-appearance into the lifestyles of the ever-busy humankind. Hence, we should go back to our roots and reacquaint ourselves with the basics and learn the lasting benefits of traditional self-care methods.

Balancing a healthy lifestyle that helps one grow and accomplish their set goals in all the various fields, be it in the corporate world, the household chores, or even one’s health and well-being in life, is the key to having a content soul.

In our modern times, women are struggling to juggle self-care with the gazillion responsibilities and expectations that have been bestowed upon them. They end up resorting to quick or instead hearsay treatments and consuming incorrect supplements that misguiding promise absolute results. 

Oiling hair and its benefits: 

It is safe to assume that most of us, women, wish to have those healthy, luscious tresses that would give Rapunzel a run for her money. Although this slightly is an exaggeration, they still pick, use and discard all sorts of hair growth oil for women, scalp treatments, and hair fall regiments that promise them good riddance of all their hair woes and grant them healthy hair.

In all this quick result achieving yet temporary, lasting effort, they either neglect this tedious task or simply have forgotten about the miraculous benefits of oiling their hair. In their quest to buy the most recent and most effective hair growth oil for women, they rarely stop and consider what their hair actually needs.

While these modern treatments may or may not have the desired effects, oiling the hair with the right hair growth oil for women comes very close to guaranteeing what our grandmamas and mothers’ constant reminders were. The very fact that oil our hair regularly would be suitable for our hair! So, without further ado, let’s deep dive into the top benefits of oiling our hair.

  • Encourages hair growth and prevents hair fall: Hair loss, being the most common and the most dreadful amongst all the hair woes, is often the result of a lack of nutrients and vitamins being provided to the scalp strands. Oiling the hair helps provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins and helps better blood circulation, resulting in a reduction of hair loss and new baby hair growth.
  • Prevents risk of dandruff: Dandruff is another common issue that usually surfaces due to a dry scalp. Dry scalps tend to be stretchy and are more prone to breakage and other damages. Itchiness occurring due to it also leads to more hair fall and scantiness. Picking the right hair growth oil for women with the right solutions to dry scalp and dandruff can be very beneficial for the hair and result in healthy dandruff free hair.
  • Provides strength and luster: Instead of going to the salon and sitting through hours and hours of outer hair treatments that leave one’s hair looking beautiful, albeit temporarily, for a short-while whilst leaving lasting damage to the roots and strands. One could simply invest oneself into the task of regularly oiling hair with the right kind of hair growth oil for women that would nourish the hair right from the deep roots indented to the scalp to the very ends of the strands. Oiling the hair would provide the hair with nourishment, care, giving it strength from the inside and luster and shine on the outside, thus bringing an end to the dull and drabby hair days.
  • Helps manage frizz: No-one wants to walk around with an untamed mane of frizzy hair. Oiling the hair can help reduce and manage the frizziness in the hair, making it better to style and comb without having to fear the strands going unruly.

Having healthy and lustrous hair would be a lot easier to attain if women were to be more cautious and more aware of what products they are applying and the key ingredients being used in the said product. Instead of just spending one’s money on random products newly introduced and circulating in the market, women should pay attention to what is actually that their hair is in desperate need of.

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This is not to say that oiling is the sole cure to all hair-related issues, but it sure is an effortless solution to maintaining healthy hair. It effectively helps fight incessant hair loss or itchy scalp, and other hair problems. However, in case of severe hair issues, one should seek the help of an expert. The best would be to start caring as early as possible. Preventing the loss altogether is much easier than curing the hair loss. Besides, it is also necessary to have the right knowledge of hair loss treatments as myths will only worsen the issue instead of helping in any way.


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