Many people around the world seek to get into careers that pay well and allow them to follow their dreams at the same time. But most people find it difficult to decide which job is it and only think that CEOs are the only people who get paid well and have the freedom to follow their passions,but contrary to this, we have even seen actors getting paid millions doing what they love every day. Thus it’s not just directors of big companies that get to enjoy good perks and do what they are passionate about. In this article, we present you with choices of the best careers in around the world that pays much well and allows you to do what you have passion about.

1. Neurosurgeon

If you have passion in the medical field, becoming a neurosurgeon can be the best decision you can ever make. Working on the human brain is complex and interesting,and it’s the best paying job earning to a tune of 2 million dollars in a year. Being able to save someone’s life is very fulfilling to the neurosurgeon and someone with this passion this is the best career to choose.

2. Software developer

Designing computer programs is fun and enjoyable but very involving for the mind. This makes this career rank among the best paying careers,and one gets paid hourly at a rate of $45 for the work. It helps people with a passion for computer programming exploit their potential and get paid excellently for it. 

3. Dermatologist

Most people have some skin problem and are constantly seeking help; therefore, choosing a career in dermatology has great rewards. The paycheck is good,and it ranks one of the professions with the highest benefits in the world.

4. Financial analysts

People are investing everyday,and therefore the number of financial analysts needed to continue increasing. People bestow hope on you to invest their savings based on what you suggest,and therefore it requires a person who is passionate about stocks. This is a good career and has one of the best returns and earns the profession decent income.

5. Teacher

Many people have underestimated this career,but it is one of the best careers around the world. Teachers are inspirational human beings who motivate and influence their students to impact the world. Even today, everyone still remembers their teachers who influenced their decisions in life and positively made them who they are. Teaching career has good perks,and the environment is always challenging everyday making it a very interesting profession. It is a calling to be a teacher and allows one to follow his/her passion for impacting on people’s lives and changing the world.


Choosing any one of the above careers sets you at a good position to follow what you are passionate about and at the same time be able to get paid very well. Therefore, one can choose what he/she loves and be able to earn hefty perks doing what makes him happy every day.

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