The world can thank Italy for some of the greatest pleasures in the world, but you may not be aware of the beauties that exist beyond food, fashion and festivals. Italy is also an incredible yachting destination, with Costa Smeralda deserving a special call-out for those seafaring individuals. Costa Smeralda is a coastal area found in Sardinia, spanning 20 kilometres of beaches, coves and luxury recreational services and accommodation. Adhering to a strict yet tasteful urban design code, approaching Costa Smeralda from the water is an experience that you need to see to believe. If you haven’t come across the wonder of Costa Smeralda before, this may be one to add to the bucket list. Read on to learn what delights await when you navigate through the Italian waters to Costa Smeralda.

La Maddalena archipelago

One cannot discuss Costa Smeralda without acknowledging La Maddalena archipelago. Those who find a used catamaran for sale will be planning their escape to La Maddalena archipelago in no time at all, with your visit never feeling long enough. The beautiful 19th-century buildings and cobblestone streets are second only to what can be found out on the water. The waters of Santa Maria and Isola di Spargi (part of La Maddalena archipelago) are a popular spot for high flying seafarers, as well as being one of the best spots to catch local fish and shellfish. Plan for a minimum of three days here, and take advantage of total convenience offered in this boating paradise. With private harbours that are designed for yachts to drop the anchor and enjoy fine dining restaurants on the water, you will never want to leave.

Spiaggia Rosa

The beauty found on Spiaggia Rosa, or the pink beach as it is known, is what Instagram dreams are made of. As the name suggests, the beach has pink sands resulting from the breakage of the shells of small marine animals. At various points in the day, this pink aura is stronger and softer, showcasing a beautiful changing scenery with a gradual gradient leading to crystal blue waters. Like most treasures in Italy, they exist beyond the tourist hotspots, so set sail toward the isle of Budelli if you want to bring a new meaning to a pink sunset and enjoy these beauties in a secluded, tranquil beach.

Indulge in recreation

Italy comes alive in September, with the weather warming up and subsequently offering more opportunities to revel in the sun and water. The Sardinia Cup sailing regatta is one of the most anticipated sailing events of the year, and a great excuse to tack a few days on the end of your trip. You can also get tickets to the Polo at Gershan (near Arzachena), and rub shoulders with some of Italy’s elite. If Polo doesn’t interest you, there are also more golf courses than you might think possible, with golf-enthusiasts arriving by private jet to these pristine courses. If this sounds like it could be your next future home, know that the price of this lifestyle does not come cheap. The average home price in Costa Smeralda is €300,000 per square metre, pricing even the most affluent out of the market.

There is a lot to cover when yachting through Costa Smeralda, with many activities beckoning from land and water. If you want a truly unique experience in Italy, Costa Smeralda is not the type of place where you will be just one in a crowd of tourists. Allow for plenty of time to sail leisurely through this luxurious corner of the world, and make sure you have chosen the right vessel to make this trip a memorable one.


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