Shocking footage shared online shows a young man inhumanely shooting a homeless person on the St. Louis sidewalk

shooting a homeless person

Little did the photographer know that he would record a tragic scene; an individual brutally murdering a homeless man on St. Louis’ sidewalk with no mercy in his heart and gun gripped firmly in his hands.

In a tragic incident that took place in front of The Globe building in St. Louis, USA, Deshawn Toma was captured on video standing behind an unsuspecting homeless man sitting on the sidewalk with his hands over his ears before firing at him – sending shockwaves through social media and beyond!

shooting a homeless person

Witnesses reported seeing the two young men conversing outside a Shell petrol station on the street before Thomas – now accused of first degree murder – ran off and was eventually apprehended at a public library later that day.

While the status of Thomas’ criminal background is still uncertain, it has been verified that he holds a tattoo on his forehead and neck. It’s also unknown whether he was out on bail or probationary sentence when yesterday’s shootings occurred.

Fear has set in among St. Louis citizens with the latest violent crime occurring during daylight hours, and many are pointing their fingers of blame at city authorities. This unfortunate event is merely another example of a long-standing issue that plagues this great city – it currently holds the fourth highest murder rate in all of America.

This past year, 2021, saw a significant drop in homicides from the previous year’s total of 263 to 200. However, that number is still higher than it was two years prior with 194 killings reported in 2019. Unfortunately, so far this current year has seen 25 homicides already occur within the city limits.