Do you have to think before you smile? If so, it may be because you’re trying to hide your teeth. There are a number of different reasons people don’t like their smiles. It may be that you’ve suffered injury to your mouth that has changed the appearance of your teeth, or you could be suffering with discoloration due to diet, or even medication. 

Veneers could be, for many people, the best way to a great new smile. A tooth veneer will transform the look of your teeth without the need to resort to implants or false teeth. Veneers are perfect for correcting many common issues that affect teeth, such as chips, broken, or gaps created by misalignment. They will also correct stained or discoloured teeth and can be matched in colour to surrounding teeth to restore your picture-perfect smile.

When dental brace work is not an option, a veneer can be used to fill gaps in teeth, leaving you with a uniform color and perfect alignment. They can certainly help boost self-esteem and bring confidence back to your smile.

What are Veneers?

Dental veneers are a cosmetic lift that involves covering the face of your existing natural tooth. If your teeth are essentially healthy but have become stained, worn, cracked or chipped, then a veneer will restore the outward appearance so that your teeth appear perfect again, without upsetting the existing tooth. They can also help correct gaps between teeth without resorting to braces or more invasive teeth alignment procedures.

Veneers are generally made from ceramic, porcelain or resin composite materials and are an additional service many dentists offer alongside their general dentistry practice. Veneer choice may be restricted by the skills of the practice you choose, as some veneer applications require additional skills. Therefore, practices offering the full range may be limited. Dental surgeries such as Holly House Dental Practice offer many veneer treatments and can certainly offer advice on the best type of veneer for you to ensure that you get the best possible outcome from your treatment.

What choices do I have?

Veneer choices are ultimately guided by the extent and severity of your tooth problem and the budget you set.

Direct Veneers – are affixed directly to individual teeth. These composite restorations are suitable for quick fixes for a single tooth or small change.

Indirect Veneers – Where multiple teeth, more significant gaps or deep stains are involved, your dentist may recommend that you opt for an indirect veneer that can fix multiple teeth or those with multiple challenges more effectively.

Your dentist will listen to your wishes and advise on the various types, including temporary veneers available and guide you on which will offer the best results. You will then be able to make an informed decision before giving the go ahead for treatment.

Veneer choice is individual to you, the health needs of your natural teeth and of course, your budget. 

Veneers can restore confidence and improve self-esteem

Poor teeth are harmful to our wellbeing, so veneers can be good for your mouth and health too.  Being able to smile without worrying about how we look is something we should all feel able to do, but for many, the worry of stained teeth, a gap we don’t like or a broken or chipped tooth puts us off of doing so. Feeling embarrassed, restricted and having to think before we relax, laugh or smile freely eventually will have a detrimental effect on our behavior. Imagine the freedom you feel when you fit veneers and take away all of that worry. If veneers could help you do this, they could have a significant impact on many different areas of your life.

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