Zoolz Home Review

Zoolz is a cost-effective way to back up your files into the cloud, providing Unlimited Lifetime Storage for $2/Month with 5 Years Plan, flexible real time and continuous backup and restore capabilities with safe and easy-to-manage controls with Hybrid backup, Zoolz Cloud features include: %100 Automated Backup & local and cloud backup, no backup limitations with phone apps which you can access your account anytime anywhere


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  • Ease of use and affordable pricing
  • Secure and easy to use, using Amazon Glacier technology.
  • Hybrid backup and External and Network drive backup
  • Unlimited Number of External drives
  • No Sync Feature
Bottom Line

Zoolz offers unlimited storage with unique Cloud features and it takes the security and privacy of your data very seriously. All your files are encrypted with the same security as banks use

Zoolz Review 2017

gold Award 2018Ashampoo Excellence 2018Zoolz the cloud backup service leveraged by Genie9 a well known company Launched in 2001 and has become a hugely successful company in backup software and mobile security.

Zoolz introduces a new concept of cloud and online backup using Cold Storage and Amazon Glacier technology that keeps the prices at an affordable cost with archival purposes in mind. It is a new and easy way to protect your data by offering of an unlimited storage plan along with some very enticing features to make Zoolz a serious game player in the already saturated cloud industry. And one of the best cloud storage services in the market

Getting Started

Zoolz Screen_Shot_Home_3Getting started with Zoolz is very easy first download the client. Once you’ve set up the client you can start the installation process and create an account or sign in with an already existing account. After you’ve login to your account, you will be guided on how to set up your backup with extreme ease.

A 14-day trial is offered, so you can gauge the software without having to commit with giving them your credit card credentials or purchasing anything,

Features Set

Zoolz Console_Screen_Shot_Home Zoolz is equipped with Windows 10, 8 and windows 7 compatible, And after installing Zoolz client when the backup wizard begins. You’ll be able to determine which files and folders you’d like to backup, manage the backup schedule, create a private encryption key if you’d like, enable bandwidth throttling and even choose the hybrid/local backup option if it is to your liking. All of these changes can also be altered in the Zoolz Home Dashboard later when it suits your needs, in addition with one click process, Zoolz will start to check for any change for your files and it will upload only file changes and chunks of large files with 100% Automated backup.

There are a number of cool features available in Zoolz Home that are not applicable nor found in alternative services. Being able to backup external hard drives as well as network drives is quite appreciable. Though I only had a short test with the feature, I faced no issues with selecting a folder on a mapped drive for backup. The Hybrid backup is also an exquisite feature that only a selected other few service can boast as having; a local backup using the Zoolz Home client can be maintained through it. I tested it by giving it a mapped drive location and all the files were copied over to that location and to the cloud as well; impressive.

Also, I was impressed with Android, iPhone and windows phone apps which allow you to access your data at anytime.


It is important to remember that Zoolz Home uses Amazon Cold Storage (To further explain Cold storage; it’s an extremely low cost storage that provides an optimal, secure and reliable storage solution for data that is rarely accessed. It is designed to store your files for a lifetime as they are duplicated over multiple facilities across the Globe using Amazon’s Glacier technology, that is basically built for archival purposes. )

Using Cold Storage will delay how quickly you can restore your files from Zoolz Server. You can use either the web portal to select files for restoring or the desktop client. No matter which you use you will have to wait 3-5 hours before your files are available. This could be frustrating for some users but not much different than other services.

The restore I did worked absolutely fine. It did take 4 hours before the files were ready to download but they were all there and complete. If you use the private encryption key option you will need to provide the web portal with the key to restore.

Though if you’re looking for a faster restore process, you should look or use Hybrid local backup; this speeds up the whole process, making it a lot faster since you are restoring from a local backup rather than from the cloud

Zoolz home features include:

Storage SpaceUp to Unlimited life time
Automated BackupYes
Hybrid BackupYes local and cloud
Encryption256 Bit AES Encryption
File size limitationNo limit
Access Your FilesAny Device
External drives BackupYes

Price/Storage Space

Zoolz PriceZoolz offers very affordable plans with lifetime cloud storage space. The lower level plan called basic price at $14.95/Year which around 1.9/Month and you will 100 GB for 1 user, the most popular plan called family plan which gives you 1 TB storage space with 5 users and 3 external devices price at $79.95/Year



Zoolz makes your file security a priority. Offering tow layers of security, 256 AES encryption enabled on all file transfers and stored on the secure Amazon Cloud Storage, Any transfers to and from Zoolz and Amazon s3 data centers are encrypted with SSL. This includes, data upload, download, authentication.


After using Zoolz, seems that Zoolz has feature filled unlimited cloud backup solution that stresses on backup of home users’ files. Supporting external hard drives, mapped drives and local backup options with affordable price make the service one of best cloud storage service in the market for home users to backup their files.

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Backup Features
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zoolz-home-cloud-backup-reviewAfter using Zoolz, seems that Zoolz has feature filled unlimited cloud backup solution that stresses on backup of home users' files. Supporting external hard drives, mapped drives and local backup