Organizing a child’s birthday celebration has always been a great challenge for parents. Now, this challenge has become even greater.

Namely, due to the new situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have a challenging task when it comes to organizing such celebrations.

Formerly large children’s parties, which were organized in various kid-friendly birthday party places, should be moved to their home this year.

The question arises, how to organize a birthday celebration at home so that children’s wishes and expectations are entirely fulfilled?

Follow our tips and suggestions for fun birthday activities, and you will see that it is not that difficult, as it might seem.

10 Ways to Have a Fun Birthday Celebration

Before thinking about the activities that you will carry out together with the kids, you should make sure that the space for the celebration is beautifully decorated. If you by any chance live in Dubai it is quite easy to decorate your house with flower arrangements and cake delivery Dubai.

When the decoration is all set, all that remains is to figure out how to have fun and make this birthday unforgettable.

Here are some of the proven suggestions for exiting birthday activities:

1.Make Your Own Birthday Decorations

Even if you ordered most of the decorations in the form of flower arrangements through online shops, you could still make your own decorations with your child. This can be a lot of fun, especially since it’s not something you often do together.

2. Use Decoration Intended for Other Holidays

If the previously mentioned ways of decorating your home might not seem fun enough, you can always take out the Christmas lights and decorate it. Also, you can take it a step further and use decorations intended for Halloween.

3. Costume Play

Get costumes from your child’s favorite cartoon and choose a few scenes to act together. This kind of fun will undoubtedly make this birthday party unforgettable both for you and your kids.

4. Write a Song Together

In case you are a natural songwriter (even though you don’t have to be, all you need is a desire to do something extraordinary for your kids), you can write a song together with your child. The song can be about how much you love your kid, and will surely be a special gift, as spending your time with the kids is among the most valuable gifts you can give them.

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5. Karaoke

Gather your family and measure your skills when it comes to singing. Even if it turns out that no one can sing, you will inevitably have a fantastic time while trying to sing your favorite song.

6. Board Games

Favorite board games should definitely be included in a fun birthday party. The time that the family spends together while having fun playing their favorite board games is invaluable for every child.

7. Virtual Fun with the Child’s Friends

Today, children usually celebrate birthdays without their friends due to the recommended social distancing. Physical contact may need to be avoided, but why not take advantage of the technology available nowadays. Create a group video chat and thus enable your kid to have his friends still present at his party.

8. Bake the Cake Together

Why don’t you bake a cake along with your child?

This will surely be super fun for both you and your kid. If you want more cakes in addition to the one you are making together, simply order more from any cake delivery in Dubai. Many shops deliver cakes to your home address, so it will not be a problem.

9. Film Marathon

It may not sound so much fun, but believe us it can be. Choose a few comic movies, make a comfortable place where you can all watch them together, and the fun can begin. We are sure that these will be precious moments that your family will surely enjoy.

10. Outdoor Camping Party

For those who live in houses and have their yard, this would be an unforgettable way to celebrate your child’s birthday. Set up tents or simply put mattresses on the grass and have the best party under the open sky begin.

Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday as a Family

Although all we have offered you various suggestions on how to celebrate a kid’s birthday at home, there is something that unites all of them, and that is family. 

And precisely because of that, all these activities that we think would be fun for a children’s birthday celebration, are designed for families, so that you can do them all together.

But, in case you don’t like all of our suggestions for a fun birthday party at home, you may take a look at some additional ideas at the following link: -childs-birthday-while-quarantined /.

In the End What Matters is Family

However you may decide to organize your child’s birthday party, keep in mind that spending your time with your kid is all that matters on his or her birthday. Simply choose some fun activities, do them together, and even the simplest things will be extraordinary for your son or daughter. Enjoy!

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