As any snack lover will know, snack time is no joke. Nothing is worse than going into the kitchen for something sweet or salty, only to find a mess to search through.

Even worse?

When you discover you’re out of the snack you really wanted.

Tackle the disarray in your pantry with these 11 genius snack organization ideas. Not only will you be able to see all your snacks for easy grab-and-go, but you’ll also have a system in place that ensures you never run out of your favorites!

1. Separate Snacks From Everything Else

Keep your snacks separate from other foods by creating a snack station to suit your needs. There are plenty of ways to achieve this, whether it’s a dedicated shelf in your pantry or a cart or hutch put out just for your snacks,

A snack station makes picking out snacks that much easier for everyone, especially if you have kids running around.

Put out all their favorite after-school snacks right where they can see them when they get home. No more having to prepare things for them or get up from what you’re doing every time they ask for a snack!

2. Take Individually Wrapped Snacks Out

The second best thing after having snacks is having more room for snacks.

Free up some valuable real estate in your pantry by taking individually-wrapped snacks out of boxes and putting them in something else. It could be bins, baskets, bowls, or anything you have lying around.

Small bags of chips, gummies, granola bars, and other similar snacks will be easier to see and grab when boxes aren’t hiding them.

3. Use an Over the Door Organizer

The back of the door is such an underrated space. There’s so much potential for organization right there as soon as you open the pantry.

Over-the-door organizers were made for snacks.

Okay, maybe they were made for shoes. But don’t let that stop you from putting all your favorite snacks in the pockets instead!

Imagine how quickly you can get your snack on when everything is so readily at your fingertips.

4. Mark Clear Containers with Cute Labels

Clear plastic containers are perfect for loose snacks like chips, cookies, and candy. Plus, a set of matching containers look nice and tidy lined up on a shelf in your pantry.

They come in a bunch of sizes, which means you can store as much or as little of a snack as you please.

While it’s easy to tell what’s inside a clear container, cute labels make them look even more official. And when you run out of something or wash the container, you’ll still know what goes where.

5. Bring in Style with Glass Jars

Take a page from the book of candy stores everywhere and add some whimsy to your snack station with glass jars.

Mason jars are fantastic for small snacks like pixie sticks, while cookie jars work for snacks that need more space, like cookies. They make everything look crisp and clean, no matter where you set them up.

Most jars have tight seals as well, which means your snacks will stay fresh.

6. Hook it Up on the Wall

If you’re short on shelf space, a few command hooks on the empty wall inside the pantry door will do you wonders.

All you need is some chip clips with holes in them, and then you can clear those pesky bags of chips off the shelves and hang them on the wall instead. You no longer have to deal with piles of bags all over the place.

When the chip craving hits, just pull a bag down and munch away!

7. Create Your Own Chip Clip Rack

Similarly, you can create a storage rack specifically for your chip bags by combining a piece of wood with clips and hanging it on the wall. Use big clips for full-sized bags of chips or tiny clips for smaller ones that you can quickly grab off the wall.

And just think — no more lost chip clips!

8. Store Snacks in Pantry Bins and Baskets

Organize your pantry shelves with matching bins or baskets to hoard all your favorite snacks in.

Bins keep your snacks from falling over and mixing on your shelves. Plus, you can use them to separate your snacks into different categories. All you need to do is slide some bins onto the shelf and toss the snacks in.

Easy peezy!

Complete your bins with labels that let anyone know at a glance what’s inside for easy snacking.

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9. Dedicate a Drawer for Small Snacks

Smaller snacks fit well inside an empty drawer near where you put your snack station.

Use drawer dividers to organize things like granola bars, candy bars, and snack cakes. Get small boxes with lids and fill them with loose candy that you can just grab and eat whenever you’re in the mood.

It doesn’t get more satisfying than a perfectly organized drawer … unless it’s also filled with snacks!

10. Turn it up with a Turntable

Turntables make it so much easier to find the snack you need without digging through things or reaching behind and knocking things over.

Enlist the help of a good old fashioned lazy susan to hold taller containers. Turntables with walls can store virtually any snack in the fridge, pantry, or on the counter.

Keep it stocked with everything you and your family love so everyone can spin and snack.

11. Keep Snacks Stocked with a Handy List

Snack organization relies on having snacks in the house.

Never run out of your favorites — keep a list near your snack station at all times!

Use chalkboard paint to cover the inside of a cabinet so you can write things down as soon as you see you’re running low. Hang a pad of paper right next to the pantry or on the front of the fridge.

Pretty much every part of life benefits from a good list.

In Conclusion

When your home is full of snack lovers, it takes a thoughtful system to stay organized while everyone is in and out, grabbing things to eat. Thankfully, you’ve got everything you need to create the snack station of your dreams.

You can’t go wrong using any of these 11 genius snack organization ideas in your kitchen!