picture of a sleeping employee at Twitte headquarters

Moments before the world heard of another round of layoffs from Twitter, Elon Musk took to his platform with a cryptic tweet that seemed to carry more than one meaning.

Last night, the proprietor of the application took to Twitter with a wish for everyone to have a delightful Sunday afternoon.

He further remarked, “The first day is a chance to make your life better,” seemingly hinting at the removal that transpired shortly afterward.

200 employees fired

Since Musk’s takeover of the reputable social media platform in October, a series of layoffs have taken place, with at least 200 employees or around 10 percent of its staff being cut.

According to The New York Times, which cited individuals familiar with the situation, Twitter has undertaken a job cut that encompasses production managers, data experts as well as engineers. These professionals are dedicated to developing and sustaining e-learning technology which helps maintain Twitter’s diverse online benefits.

Among those laid off was Esther Crawford, the head of Twitter subscription service Pool and staunch supporter of Musk’s projects.

What is the reason?

Last November, she took to Twitter and posted a photo of her sleeping in the company’s headquarters with an accompanying caption mocking her expulsion despite having previously expressed admiration for their manager. Unsurprisingly, this tweet quickly made its rounds on social media!

It is worth highlighting that in early November, Twitter laid off 3,700 personnel to hasten cost-reduction measures initiated by Musk after he purchased the organization for a staggering $44 billion.

The contentious individual declared that the service was facing a “dramatic decrease in revenue” due to advertisers’ reluctance to invest during their worries surrounding content management.

Even after a slight reduction from the 2,300 employees that Elon Musk reported last month (January 2023), Tesla still employs an impressive number of people.

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