A new surprise from Musk.. 3 colors to verify user accounts on Twitter, and this is the difference between them!

3 colors to verify user accounts on Twitter
Blue tick

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, said in a tweet on Friday that the social networking site will introduce golden and gray authentication marks. This decision comes after a crisis sparked by his previous announcement regarding the monthly subscription fee for verified users.

Musk tweeted, “a gold certification mark for companies, gray for governments, and blue for individuals (whether famous or not).” Musk said that all verified accounts will be manually verified before activating the tag.

He noted in a tweet that individuals can get a small logo to show that they belong to an organization if it is verified. He added that he would provide more detail next week.

Re-document blue tag

Twitter will be bringing back its blue verification mark next Friday, December 2, after temporarily suspending the service this week. The suspension was due to the spread of fake accounts.

The blue tick was previously only available to verified accounts of public figures such as politicians, celebrities, and journalists.

44 billion dollars. That’s what it cost Elon Musk to acquire Twitter at the end of October. Since he took control, he interacts with fans on Twitter frequently and takes some company decisions to a vote in order to get public feedback.

New features on Twitter 

On Monday, November 21, 2022, the American billionaire reviewed many features that he wanted to add to the platform that he acquired last October. These features included “total encryption” of direct messages (end-to-end encryption), according to The Verge.

According to the site, Musk recently met with Twitter employees at their headquarters in San Francisco, USA. They say that he recording part of his speech, which was then turned into a written text on the site.

Message encryption 

During the meeting, Musk’s vision for Twitter was presented in a selection of slides titled “Twitter 2.0,” according to staff. Musk has expressed his desire to make it impossible for hackers to access Twitter users’ direct messages, even in the worst circumstances.

End-to-end encryption prevents anybody, even the carrier, from reading messages. It’s a feature that already exists on WhatsApp and Signal. In addition, code in the Twitter app points to encrypted messages.

Use Twitter without worry 

According to the same site report, Musk told employees: “I don’t want anyone to be able see my direct messages if someone’s holding a gun to my head.”

He said that people should be able to communicate without being concerned about their privacy. He continued, saying it’s not okay for Twitter data to get hacked and messages to spread online because someone could be spying on private conversations.

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