Babysitters look after children. They may watch your children for a few hours during the day or evening while you’re at a special function or work for you regularly. Babysitters are responsible for supervising and looking after the children in their care.

Hiring a babysitter can be a challenging process. As a parent, you’re leaving your children in their hands. Often, babysitters provide services in your home, which also means they have access to your belongings. It’s crucial to take time to find babysitters that possess these qualities to ensure your children will receive the best care possible.

1. Responsibility

Babysitters who are responsible will learn essential skills. Look for a caregiver who has completed first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training. Still, the benefits of CPR and first aid skills will ensure your babysitter knows how to respond in an emergency and can take life-saving measures if required.

One of the other benefits of learning CPR and first-aid basics is that it promotes a controlled response to difficult situations. Babysitters who have taken the time to learn the proper way to respond in emergencies will be less likely to panic. These caregivers can follow their training and respond in a responsible, rational manner.

Responsible babysitters are reliable and punctual. They do not make a habit of canceling at the last minute, and they arrive on time. They also focus on their duties while they’re at work and pay attention to the children. This ensures your children are actively supervised while in their care.

Responsible sitters also respect your wishes and comply with health mandates. For example, if you or someone in your family has health issues, you would want a sitter who complied with social distancing requirements during the coronavirus pandemic. Responsible sitters will take your health concerns seriously.

2. Principles


You’re leaving your children and your home in your babysitter’s care. Look for a babysitter who has strong principles. Their principles will govern their behavior and ensure they’re trustworthy.

Great babysitters are accountable for their actions. They possess strong leadership skills and can take charge. This is important because you want to be sure your children will listen to their babysitter while in their care. Your babysitter should also be diligent. They shouldn’t give up when your children try to argue with them or refuse to cooperate. They understand it’s their job to find a way to get your children to comply with them.

It’s also crucial for your babysitter to be compassionate and forgiving. Your children may be upset when you leave them with a sitter, or personal matters may be bothering them. Your children may go to their sitter for comfort, and it’s essential that your babysitter has compassion and respond appropriately to their emotional needs. Children can also misbehave, and your babysitter needs to be capable of forgiving them after the situation is resolved.

One way to find a sitter who shares your values is to look for someone who attends your church and reads a NASB study Bible or another reputable translation. People with strong religious convictions often espouse the kind of principles you want your babysitter to have. If it’s crucial for your children to say prayers at night or be read a Bible story, finding a sitter who reads the Bible or attends your church can ensure they take those tasks seriously.

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3. Compatible Personality

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It’s important to have a clear understanding of any issues that arise during your absence, so finding a sitter with good communication skills is essential. Your babysitter should be able to interact effectively with you and your children.

Creativity is also an important personality trait. Creative sitters find inventive ways to entertain children and address issues that arise. The coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of creativity as parents hired virtual sitters to care for their children while they worked. Virtual sitters rely on their communication skills and creativity to entertain children who can only see and hear them through a computer screen.

Compatible caregivers are also going to fit in with your home’s dynamic. If you’re all loud and talkative, a quiet sitter who prefers silence probably won’t be a good fit. Someone with a similar personality will be more likely to put your children at ease during your absence.

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