Coronavirus started from Wuhan, a province of China. Rapidly, it spread throughout the whole world. We are uncertain how long the coronavirus is going to last. Therefore, we adapted our lives in the pandemic without letting our guard down as outbreaks change people’s lives forever.

In this article, some simple yet important tips are mentioned that can reduce our chances of being infected. We can follow these simple guidelines to take care of our physical and mental health.  In doing so, we will ensure our safety and the safety of those we care about.

Reduce your chances of being infected or spreading COVID-19 by following these guidelines:

Keep your items to yourself.

It is very important to keep the items of daily use separately. Daily use items include utensils, combs, towels, makeup kits, and the list goes on. You should also teach children to use reusable cups, dishes, and straws for personal use.

You cannot defeat the virus by using your items. You must also disinfect them regularly.

Greet people from a distance. Do not shake hands.

It is better to keep a distance between yourselves. If you are unaware that you are the carrier, you may infect other people while greeting and meeting. Normally we greet people by shaking hands and hugging. These are the most common ways of spreading the virus. While shaking hands, the virus can easily travel from one body to another.  The same is the case with hugging.

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Avoid social gatherings

Avoid meeting with people. Don’t attend parties or gatherings. Social gatherings are places where transmission is at the peak. So you should avoid all those places where you have to stand or sit closely with another person. Refrain from parks, churches, and beaches. Instead of meeting people physically, you can meet virtually. You can skype or zoom them. If you do attend a social gathering and feel flu-like symptoms afterward, it’s important to get tested. This is especially important if you learn that someone at the gathering tested positive for COVID-19. You can get a nasal swab or saliva COVID test in Miami and other US cities at many traditional testing centers or clinics. You can also get tested at home with a service such as Drip Hydration so that you don’t risk exposing yourself or others to the virus.

Don’t touch your face.

The coronavirus can survive on a surface for up to 3 days. While touching surfaces, there is always a risk of getting the virus and you may get infected. So always be cautious. These surfaces may include a mobile phone, doorknobs, gas pump handle, remotes, etc.  So once you touched these surfaces, do not touch your face again. Refrain from biting the fingernails. Viruses can travel this way into your body.

Frequently wash your hands. Wash them carefully.

Start with soap and warm water. Rub your hands minimum for 20 seconds. Apply the lather between your fingers, on your wrists, and clean the fingernails. It is best to use antiviral or antibacterial soap

Keep a hand sanitizer with you all the time. Use it frequently when you don’t have access to soap or water. Before eating, after meeting with persons, after touching commonly used things like remotes, doorknobs, and laptops.

Bottom Line

Follow the above-mentioned precautions carefully. It is extremely important to take these preventions seriously. You should take care of your physical and mental health. Do not lose hope. Keep track of the news. They also telecast the ways of prevention. Practicing these guidelines, take good care of your health.


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