Having good hygiene and a well-shaved face is necessary for most men. The close, clean shave gives them confidence in their professional and social sentience. The major problem they come across, however, is the selection of a good aftershave. Since the markets are loaded with lots of different varieties and brands of aftershave, it confuses the consumers which they should go for.

The good aftershave should not have a too strong fragrance that you start reeking of it. Instead, it should complement your natural musk. The aftershave must be suitable for your skin also so that it doesn’t cause redness or itchiness.

The aftershave should be manufactured using natural ingredients and an excellent moisturizer to give a good comfortable, and refreshing feel to the shave.

1-Jack Black – Post Cooling Gel

Jack Black has dominated the men’s grooming industry. This specific item has been an epitome of perfection in all the aftershave brands. The company has dedicated a lot of effort into developing a product that is kind to your skin.

The product is manufactured with all-natural ingredients, and the ingredients such as chamomile, aloe vera, balm mint, and sage soothe the skin after every shave. These ingredients have an anti-inflammatory effect, which prevents itchiness and redness with an additional cooling sensation.

The aftershave recipe is engineered in such a manner that there are no synthetic additives, odors, or colors, which might result in irritation. The alcohol-free formula has a soothing and calming sensation. It is top on our list because this particular aftershave can be utilized with any other product and can be used on any skin type.

2-Proraso Aftershave Lotion

Proraso is an Italian brand for men products that boast for being 100% natural ingredients products. Being in business for only five years, it has crossed swords with the mainstream reigning aftershave brands in the market.

The formula contains eucalyptus, which purifies and tones the skin after each shave. The witch hazel prevents itchiness and burns. Additionally, methanol refreshes and gives a calming sensation after the shave.

Since there are no synthetic ingredients or colors, it has a natural fragrance that does not overpower your natural musk. The reason this specific product came second on our list is that the product is budget-friendly since one bottle can last a whole year as only a little amount must be applied. Despite being alcohol-based, the application does not sting on the skin.

3-Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

The product this time belongs to a mainstream brand of NIVEA, which has dominated the industry for a long time. There is a widely accepted idea that the mainstream brands add synthetic ingredients that harm the skin, but not in this case.

The researchers at NIVEA have put in a lot of effort into this specific product. The ingredients include witch hazel, vitamin E, and chamomile, which prevent irritation and soothe the shave.

The aftershave has cleared the dermatological tests. If you want a healthy and improved complexion, then this aftershave is for you. Even the women also felt satisfied having used it as a primer.

The best thing about this aftershave is that it is from a trusted brand with well-reputed goodwill. Another bonus point that is hard to overlook is the fact that a single purchase comes with three bottles, which can last longer and eases up your budget.

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4- Baxter of California Aftershave Balm

Baxter’s rise to the ranks in aftershaves’ industry has made it into this list. The brilliant solution of natural ingredients such as menthol and tea tree oil aids in revitalizing the swollen, red skin after shaving.

After having a clean shave, the skin gets dried and loses its natural moisture, and this is where the glycerin kicks in and helps maintain the hydration levels of the skin. The addition of aloe vera and allantoin helps reinvigorate the dried and sensitive skin which gets swollen after shaving.

The product is alcohol-free and will feel refreshing on the application.

5-Old Spice Classic Aftershave

The trends of different fragrances will come and go, but this American top-rated brand has withstood the test of time. The brand has a good reputation in formulating bold fragrant smells that is considered a typical smell for men’s aftershaves. This product is can briefly be defined as CLASS enclosed in a bottle.

The smell is neither too imposing nor fake smelling. The product is manufactured using alcohol, which prevents the cuts from getting infectious and heals your swollen skin after a shaving session. Splash a few drops of Old Spice on your face and neck, which will readily work charms in complementing your natural manly aura.

This aftershave will have a cooling sensation and will give a revitalizing effect on the dried skin. The ingredients prevent the redness and itchiness, which usually occur after taking a shave. The aftershave lotion is vital for men in their grooming, and it goes a long way in their road to confidence.


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