There is a service over the internet that lets web developers publish their web pages or a whole website. Like every other website, it needs technology that business owners of web hosting services have. However, before their business host your website, you must first own a domain name. If you don’t have one, the company can also help you get one.

Making a website is straightforward and determining what kind of site to make is a challenge. Deciding what web hosting service to use is another story. While it is an easy thing to think to want a completely free web hosting service, always notice the fine print. A free web hosting service doesn’t mean that it won’t have additional or hidden fees, so be careful.

Why Use A Free Web Hosting Service

In, you will find guides to using a free web hosting service, and it has numerous benefits for aspiring web developers. There are new websites made every day, and almost all of it was from amateurs who aspire to be a great web developer. Web hosting service is very beneficial to websites that don’t have the financial means to publish a site.

Web hosting companies offer their services for free, but if there is a service without charge, there are going to be limitations. The quantity of traffic your page receives and storage spaces are just one of the restrictions the web hosting companies let you have. The reason why companies do this is to allow other companies to upsell a more expensive hosting service.


WordPress is a top-rated web hosting service. However, WordPress’ way of constructing a website is not as simple as dragging and dropping content into the tool. WordPress is free. However, users are limited to some aspects such as storage spaces and having “” as a subdomain. Upgrading plans will release additional features.

The free website hosting service of WordPress only includes storage and a bandwidth of three gigabytes. However, WordPress has features that add to its already simple design. Some of those features are a vast selection of themes and customizations. The free website hosting service also has the function of making your website mobile-ready.


Wix, a browser-based platform, empowers users to create robust and visually appealing websites. Boasting a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Wix reigns supreme as a top choice for constructing websites. Nevertheless, it falls short for individuals with coding skills, as it lacks features to host applications or store diverse video files.

With great simplicity, comes with ghastly limitations. The hosting Wix only gives its free users 500 megabytes for storage and bandwidth. Not to mention that it also makes “” your subdomain. However, it doesn’t matter if the customer support is not always great, but Wix offers beginners an ideal service that is free.


There are good reasons that in the world, Infinitfree is standing out as a free website hosting service. Infinityfree has been running for six years and claims to have around three hundred thousand users. Not to mention Infinityfree has an unlimited disk space, and there are no hidden fees or additional charges for using the service.

There are more reasons that Infinityfree stands out from the rest. Infinityfree’s paid subscription gives features and services that are identical to other top website hosting platforms. With an upgrade of only 5.90 dollars per month, you will get premium services and access to Cloudflare Railgun that removes loading times extensively.


With Byethost is a free website host provider based solely in the United States and part of Byet Internet. Byethost gives 1 gigabyte of server storage, but there is late news that it has already upgraded to unlimited storage. Byethost’s technical support is available for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Not to mention that it is effortless to use.


Don’t get confused Google host with Googiehost. However. With an outstanding runtime of eight years, it remains one of the most popular options for a web hosting service. The whole infrastructure on Googiehost’s platform for creating websites creates confidence. With all the excellent features, there is also a drawback, and that is the service’s security feature.


Regardless if there are any drawbacks from using a free web hosting service, consider it an excellent opportunity for your site. Whether if you are making a website and publishing it, or a way to promote your business. Web hosting is the last step in the process of making a website, whether it is for personal or commercial purposes.

Although a web hosting service should be a paid service, the free ones have erupted in popularity over the last few years. And it is understandable as to why a free website hosting service has been well-known among people who don’t have the financial means to subscribe to a paid service.

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