5 Best Mat Board Cutters

5 Best Mat Board Cutters

Many retailers sell pre-cut or custom mats in addition to full sheets of uncut matboard. However, if you find yourself wanting to have the tools necessary to get the job done yourself, you’ll need to research some mat butters.

When you are thinking about going with a good mat board cutter, you should always set high standards. Not only do you want a precision cut but you want a tool that is comfortable and easy to use. You also need to be conscious of how often you’ll actually use it.

Here are the things you will want to think about with the mat board cutter and which ones stand out.

1. Logan Compact Elite Mat Cutter

This cutter provides accuracy in its cutting framework and makes proficient looking sloped mats for all your frame projects. Some of the mat cutter’s highlights are that it incorporate a 32-inch cutting limit board and works with standard thickness mat board as it were.

It includes 1 cutting board, mat aide stop, guiderail stop, straight cutting estimating bar and stop. Additionally incorporates slope cutter, substantial straight cutter, and five edges.

2. Logan Graphics Simplex Elite 60″ Mat Cutter

The Logan Illustrations Simplex Elite Cutter is a 60″ is a multi-material measuring device, trimmer and mat cutter- all rolled up into one tool. A total craftsman’s studio instrument, the Simplex sizes mat board, foam board and glass, and cuts incline opening mats, plexi and acrylic material.

Obviously, it can likewise manage paper. A base board mounted mat cutter, the Tip top elements a pivoting guide rail with creation stops and an equal mat aide in aluminum channels. The Simplex has a greatest cut length of 60″ (1.5 m), and furthermore includes a 27″ (68.6 cm) squaring arm with stop.

3. NT Professional Mat Cutter, 45 Degree Bevel Mat Board Cutter

The right mat board cutter is something you will want to care about. You will want to make sure the mat has been cut efficiently and is going to be set up properly. This is one option that will do all of those things and is going to be easy to handle too.

This is what you should look for in a modern mat board cutter.

4. Logan Graphics 4000 Deluxe Handheld Pull Style Mat Cutter

Logan-Select Force Style Mat Cutter. Ideal for cutting mat board foam board and other comparative materials! This cutter cuts full incline and has an exceptional boundary stamping framework. This 7x7x2 inch bundle contains one mat cutter five edges and directions. Made in USA. The Choice Draw Style is Logan’s generally cutting-edge handheld mat cutter, including highlights created and refined by Logan beginning around 1974.

The Luxurious Draw Style incorporates a marker bar framework for quicker denoting, a turn and-pull sharp edge, and an ergonomic handle. The cutting edge space forestalls sharp edge flex, bringing about straighter cuts. A beginning and-stop pointer assists with disposing of over cuts. New ergonomic handle for agreeable activity.

Can update for use on the Adjust A-Rule straight edge, Conservative, Craftsman or Simplex board mounted mat cutting frameworks. Utilizes Logan 270 cutting edge. This cutter is perfect for all applications connecting with outlining, model structure, engineering, and different illustrations and configuration projects. For at home outlining, proficient outlining and different purposes too.

5. Logan Artist Elite Mat Cutter

This is one of the finer mat cutters on the market right now. It is refined, easy set up, and will offer precise cuts that are in line with what you want. For those who are picky about how the results are going to be, this is one option that is a staple for all the right reasons. The quality is going to be there right away and it will work out as you want it to.

These are the main details to think about when it comes to going with a mat board cutter in line with what you need. Do not settle for something that is not going to work out. You should always set high standards for what you are getting and it will all start here. You will know these are the mat board cutters to have at the top of your list as you look at the different options.

You can’t go wrong with one of these in your possession.