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You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your company’s business card can provide the right or wrong first impression depending on its design. 

Make the right impression on your future clients by following these 5 business card design tips. 

Use a Special Finish for a Memorable Card

One way to make your business card design stand out is to use a special finish. A special finish could be foil blocking, metallic ink, spot-UV, or a heavier cardstock. 

These finishes can add extra cost to your design but they are worth it. If your customers have a stack of business cards your card will stand out from the pile because of the special finishes you added. 

Use a Die-Cut Design

If you’re asking how to design a business card that is different from the norm, try going for a die-cut card. A die-cut business card design takes your card and cuts it into a unique shape. 

Simple die-cuts include rounded corners. You can also cut shapes out in the middle of your card.

Make sure you give your printer plenty of time to create your design. Do not for a die-cut card if you need them tomorrow because they do take extra time to make. 

Make Your Card Useful

One of the popular business card design ideas is to turn your card into something useful. These days you can have your card details printed on a bottle opener or a dog biscuit. 

Choose something that resonates with your brand that customers will use instead of throwing away. A mechanic could print his business card on keychains or a cook could print them on a spatula. 

Don’t Include Too Much 

Your business card should list important details so that people can get ahold of you but don’t make the mistake of putting too much information on your card. You should always include the following on your card. 

  • Company name
  • First and last name
  • Job title
  • Contact info (email, phone number, social media handles)

Pay attention to the business card layout and remove unimportant information if the design looks too busy. Managing print solutions with RISO can help you with what to include and what to leave off. From layouts to essential details, RISO’s expertise ensures a polished, professional look, leaving you confident in every exchange.

Always double-check and triple-check to make sure your card is free from errors and misspellings before it is printed. 

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Choose an Appropriate Color

If you are including your company logo on the card stick to colors that match your logo. If it is a personal card think about color theory when selecting your business card colors. 

One of the best business card design tips is to choose a color that reflects your brand. If your brand is young and fun a color like orange may be appropriate but orange would not be as appropriate for someone in the financial service industry. 

Make a Great First Impression With These Business Card Design Tips

As far as first impressions go, your business card says a lot about you and your company. Put your best foot forward with an expertly designed business card. Put these 5 business card design tips to use when planning your next card and share this article with your colleagues on LinkedIn.