There are many large family dogs around the world, but some breeds are well known for their loyal, loving and gentle demeanor despite their larger size. Everyone loves to cuddle with a giant dog, but a calm, patient nature is extremely important if you have small children.

Remember that every dog ​​is different and proper training and socialization is of the utmost importance in terms of temperament and behavior. In addition, each child should be taught to be respectful of their family dog ​​by giving them the space they need. Even the most patient and tolerant dog can be pushed to the limit by an overly excitable or rude child.

Golden retriever

One of the most popular breeds in the world, and for good reason. They are loyal, active and family dogs in the full sense of the word. They love to spend time with people and keep abreast of everything. If your children are constantly visited by guests, you do not have to worry that the retriever will show aggression towards other children – these dogs love to make new acquaintances. For the same reason, you shouldn’t choose this breed if you need a guard. The retriever would rather bring his toy to the robber and lick him to death than raise the alarm.


·  friendly to people and animals;

·  smart;

·  easy to train.


·  subject to molting;

·  require long walks with active games;

·  bad guards;

·  big size.


English shepherd

English shepherd

English Shepherds are good-natured dogs. Like all animals of this group, they are infinitely loyal to the owner, equally love all family members and do everything to make them happy. In addition, the representatives of the breed are friendly and welcoming. They are not against new acquaintances. However, if the dog senses danger, there will be no trace of softness, in which case the pet will protect its family to the last.

English Shepherd gets along well with children. Agile, addictive and fun, these dogs make great babysitters. Moreover, they perceive children as an object of protection, which means that the child will always be safe with the pet.


·  dedicated to any job they are given;

·  child protection and family;

·  relatively few health problems;

·  their intelligence makes them easy to train.


·  high need for energy and exercise;

·  not suitable for apartment life;

·  they are heavy onlookers;

·  can be a territorial home and family.



Initially, Labradors were bred as assistants to fishermen. They helped pull the nets and served as bloodhounds. But later, for their exceptional intelligence, friendliness and sensitivity, they became the most popular guide and companion dogs. This breed is also often used in the treatment of autism. People trust Labradors with their lives, and that says it all.


·  extremely smart;

·  friendly;

·  playful;

·  easy to train.


·  require long walks and exercise;

·  tend to pick up all sorts of “delicious” things like dog excrement or rotten fish from the ground;

·  can’t stand loneliness.

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English bulldog

English bulldog

Despite the fact that the bulldog looks like a character from a criminal chronicle, a kind disposition is hidden behind a threatening and brutal appearance. And although this breed can show aggression towards other dogs, these dogs allow people everything. Bulldogs are quite lazy, do not like long walks and are ideal for keeping in an apartment.


·  have a calm disposition;

·  suitable for beginner dog breeders;

·  do not require long walks and exercises.


·  prone to obesity;

·  very sensitive to cold and hot weather;

·  have increased salivation.

Shar Pei

Well, how can you not fall in love with this dark blue tongue, folded skin and swollen nose, as if it had been in a beehive? Sharpei looks unusual. But do not be fooled by their cutest appearance: they are quite difficult to maintain. These dogs were bred as palace guards in ancient China and have retained a penchant for defending their family and territory from strangers.

Shar Pei is a dog of one owner, but he considers his whole family and pets living in the house to be his pack, so he will take care of and protect them from strangers.


·  suitable for keeping in an apartment;

·  calm and patient;

·  bark a little.


·  distrustful of strangers;

·  short spiky hair can cause allergies.

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