Did you know that there are only 1.4 million people living in Abu Dhabi? When you travel the world and head out for an Abu Dhabi vacation, it’s safe to say that you’re entering a place much different than a highly populated place like New York City, New York, or Paris France.

There are so many wonders to see when you travel here, but if you aren’t aware of them, you might miss out. Continue reading this article, and we will give you the best tips for when you travel to Abu Dhabi.

1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

If you’ve never had your breath taken away by a structure, then you’ve never visited Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This beautiful building wows visitors from all over the world.

It was built in honor of the United Arab Emirates’s founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and is the true definition of Arabian design and luxury. Up to 40,000 worshipers can fit inside the mosque and it’s the largest mosque in the UAE.

The mosque boasts 82 domes and more than 1,000 columns. It also has amazingly gorgeous reflective pools that make the building look that much more amazing.

When you go inside, you’ll see the world’s largest hand-knotted carpet. You’ll also see one of the world’s largest chandeliers, weighing in at over twelve tons.

Even if you’ve visited the mosque during the day, you should make sure to visit at night since it is one of the most unique experiences available to you. As the sun is setting, there is a unique lighting system that reflects the phases of the moon. You’ll be able to see the transformation of the white and gold accents in the mosque.

The vision behind the Grand Mosque was to celebrate cultural differences, and they achieved this through hiring Emirati, Italian, and British architects. It is truly an amazing sight to behold.

2. Al Reef

A true gem of Abu Dhabi, Al Reef, is a must-visit. You’ll be able to have access to the hustle and bustle of the city, but you’ll also have a quiet place to relax on your United Arab Emirates vacation.

If you want to stay in Abu Dhabi for an extended period of time when you travel to Abu Dhabi, this is the perfect place to be. There are ex-pats living here from all over the world. Many families find a home here and love the location as well as the atmosphere.

When you stay at Al Reef, you can rest assured that you’re in a safe and welcoming area. If you want to get involved with a community—this is the perfect place to stay.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll be glad to see that Al Reef isn’t going to break the bank. If you’re earning middle-class income, this is a good place for you.

When you’re visiting from abroad, you don’t want to miss a thing, and the location of Al Reef will allow you to enjoy nature as well as the beauty of the city.

3. Ride the Fastest Rollercoaster in the World

If you are a thrill chaser, then you can’t miss heading over to Abu Dhabi. You can find the Formula Rosa in Ferrari World, and it will allow you to go 149 mph in less than 5 seconds.

Needless to say, if you aren’t a rollercoaster fan, you probably don’t want to get anywhere near this coaster. While your friends are all hitting new speeds, you could check out the rest of Ferrari World.

There’s more to this place than just the coaster. There are other rides and attractions and let’s not forget the shows and the food.

Most of the rides are going to be for people that have a need for speed, but you will be able to find a few child-friendly things for your little ones to do. If the rides aren’t up their alley, then you can always move on to the shows.

4. Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace is a hotel that is the most luxurious one in all of the UAE. It should be the most luxurious hotel around since it cost around $3 billion to build.

This hotel is an iconic landmark of Abu Dhabi and blends Arabian beauty with the latest luxuries from around the world. If you’re looking to truly step back in time without sacrificing any of the important amenities that you can’t live without—this is it.

The hotel has 114 domes, and the central dome is likely beyond anything you’d be able to imagine until you see it in person.

The hotel is beautiful and golden against the green of the garden, the blue of the sky and the silver of the water fountains. When night time comes, you’ll notice a major difference with the main dome changing a rainbow of colors.

5. An Authentic Trip

Yes, there are other places to visit in the UAE, but visiting Abu Dhabi will give you the most authentic and unusual experience. Instead of going to the most mainstream areas like Dubai Mall, bring back stories that a steeped in history and culture.

You won’t regret your visit to this amazing place and the people that you’ll meet when you’re on your journey there.

Don’t forget that you get to see the same skyline the cast from Fast and Furious 7 got to see when you’re in Abu Dhabi.

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Enjoying Your Abu Dhabi Vacation

Now you know some of the best spots to visit on your Abu Dhabi vacation. If you’re traveling thousands of miles to visit this amazing place, you want to make sure you get as much enjoyment as possible.

Do you feel like you still need more travel tips and other helpful information? Continue looking through our blog for more help.

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