Do you know what a settee is? Is it a trendy new coffee or style of fashion? It’s actually a great piece of furniture to get for a studio apartment. 

Moving into a new place can cause a lot of stress. Figuring out what furniture you’ll be able to fit into a small studio can feel even more stressful. 

Decorating a studio apartment should be fun! Continue reading to learn about our suggestions for the pieces of furniture every studio needs. 

Versatile Shelves for a Small Space

The first item on the list of great studio apartment ideas includes shelves that can be used in creative ways. Shelves that can sit upright or can lay horizontally are a great choice for a small space.

You can place these shelves together on a wall with the available space or separate them to use in different rooms of your apartment. The shelves can also be divided to make room for a small chair or sofa. 

A large bookshelf can be used for storing items and to separate the area between the living room and the kitchen in a studio apartment that doesn’t always have walls doing this job. Wall shelves are also a great and creative way to store items while also making your apartment look spacious. 

Small Tables for Small Studios

Other apartment ideas to keep in mind are making use of small tables. Having a large dining room table fit for a holiday dinner just isn’t possible in a studio apartment. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find some space for cozy little tables to seat your guests. 

Pedestal tables are a great option because the round base allows you to squeeze in extra chairs when needed. Mini parsons desks can also be incredibly multifunctional in a small space. They can be used as kitchen tables, desks, or even as a decorative coffee table as well. 

Benches That Work as Storage

When you search online for help furnishing your studio apartment, you’ll often find articles about using multi-use furniture.

Benches are perfect additions to any studio apartment. They can seat multiple people and can be stored under a table when they’re not being used. 

Some benches can also be used as coffee tables. The best benches come with extra storage space. 

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Small Chairs Are the Best Option

When decorating a studio apartment small chairs are your best bet. A settee is a smaller version of a loveseat that can fit nicely in a living room or at the foot of a bed. You’ll likely find a beautiful, new settee on the eames marketplace that will add the right amount of character to your new place. 

Small armchairs are also a great addition to a studio apartment. Clear acrylic chairs are great for studios as well because they can be used at a desk, in the living room, or at the kitchen table. Don’t forget to keep a couple of tall stools stacked away in a corner for those times you get a couple of extra weekend visitors. 

Mirrors Brighten up Any Space

Big mirrors always make a small space appear bigger and brighter. Buying these mirrors for your new studio might be a good idea. The long, dorm-style mirrors can also work when hung up side by side. 

The Key to Decorating a Studio Apartment

These five pieces of furniture are the key to decorating a studio apartment. Check out some of our other blogs for the best ways to decorate your studio apartment!


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