5 people were killed in a small plane crash in Arkansas, USA

They were on their way to investigate an accident.

5 people were killed in a small plane crash in Arkansas
Several serious accidents occurred during the past months involving twin-engine Beechcraft aircraft /

Five people were killed in Little Rock, Arkansas when a twin-engine plane crashed shortly after take-off.

On Wednesday, the US Federal Aviation Administration reported that a plane crashed in a forested region roughly one mile away from Clinton National Airport at around noon. The aircraft was heading toward John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Ohio, as per the Kark TV news channel.

Unfortunately, it was later affirmed that no passengers had survived the accident. Thankfully, there were no reports of any injuries happening to those on the ground.

Authorities claim inclement weather is impeding their investigation into the cause of the crash, yet its exact source remains unknown.

A massive thunderstorm coupled with roaring gales was noted in the vicinity of the airport when the accident occurred. According to THV, both the pilot and other travellers onboard were employees from CTEH, a science consulting firm.

According to a company representative, there had been an explosion at the I. Schumann metallurgical plant in Bedford, Ohio resulted in one fatality and thirteen individuals being injured; those on board were providing assistance accordingly.

It was reported that the aircraft involved in the incident was a “Beachcraft B20”, an important fact to note since many of the past catastrophic aviation accidents have been on Beechcraft planes. The National Transportation Safety Board will conduct further investigations into this accident.