According to a survey by Forbes, 64% of businesses state they need better strategies for more effective choices in communications providers.

Video conferences are on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many businesses to make the switch to remote work. Yet, what if that isn’t an option for your business? Then, perhaps you should consider the Motorola walkie talkie.

There are a variety of Motorola walkie talkie models to choose from. Effective communication has always been a challenge for many businesses, no matter the industry. Emails and texts can get lost and phone lines can be busy.

This is why for business communication, many companies are making the switch to using walkie talkies. It’s easy to teach people how to use a walkie talkie and they cost less than a dedicated work phone.

Here are five reasons why you need one today!

1. Cost-Effective

Using 2-way business Motorola Walkie Talkies will cost far less than buying smartphones and phone plans for your employees.

With a smartphone, you’ll have ongoing fees for the phone plan. If you exceed your data limit, there will be additional charges on top. By using a walkie talkie, these costs are significantly cut.

2. Dependable

Accidents happen. A smartphone can have water spilled on it and stop working, or be dropped and the screen shatter. Walkie talkies, however, are more durable than the average smartphone. You can find waterproof varieties or ones that are heavy-duty and can withstand being dropped.

Another issue with a work smartphone is that they can lose battery fast. A Motorola walkie talkie has excellent battery life that exceeds that of any smartphone.

3. Targeted or Broad Communication

Have you ever been in the middle of an important business call, only to enter an area with poor reception, and the call gets dropped? A Motorola walkie talkie can help ensure your employees don’t have to deal with the hassle of dropped calls due to bad service.

Not only that, but a walkie talkie allows you to stay in contact with one person or have a conversation with an entire group of people. When you try to use a smartphone to have a group discussion, you often have to implement additional software that often requires a subscription fee. This can add up to be quite costly. Walkie talkies offer a simpler, cheaper solution to this problem.

4. Free of Distractions

A walkie talkie provides a means of communication that is free of frills. Smartphones come with many distractions. Instead of getting work done, you might have employees who are busy checking their social media accounts or playing games. A walkie talkie removes all these temptations.

5. More Secure

Smartphones are connected to the internet and thus are prone to security breaches. By using smartphones for business, there is the risk of viruses and spyware being present to mine important data. A walkie talkie allows people to communicate about sensitive company information without the fear of being hacked or information being leaked.

The Motorola Walkie Talkie Is Perfect for Business

Depending on which industry you work in, there can be a host of different benefits associated with using a Motorola walkie talkie as your primary means of communication. The walkie talkie can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. 

It’s essential for a business to have a reliable method to delegate tasks and discuss information with its employees. Don’t let your business suffer from bad communication. Instead, use a Motorola walkie talkie.

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