While many people look up to birds as beacons of freedom and liberty, we all know how annoying they can be. From the aggressive Canada goose to the obnoxious pigeon, birds can do a lot of harm to your home.

Canada geese, for example, can inflict serious harm when attacking you or your pets. Pigeons can leave their droppings all over your home, making the place dirty and spreading diseases. House sparrows can destroy your garden, and their haphazard nests might start a fire.

Given all of this, what are some steps you can take to keep birds away from your property?

1. Don’t Feed the Birds

We all make the mistake of feeding birds, thinking there’s no harm in it. Yet these birds love filling their bellies, so once they get a taste they’ll decide to pay you a visit anytime they feel peck-ish. And before you know it, you’ll be stepping on bird droppings.

That’s why you should never feed birds. You should also consider removing any birdfeeders on your lawn. Leaving them out will attract some of those unwanted pests.

2. Remove Food Sources

So you’ve stopped feeding birds intentionally. That’s great! Unfortunately, many of us make the mistake of feeding birds unintentionally.

You’ll attract birds by leaving your garbage out or by leaving your trashcan’s lid unfastened, but keeping birds away isn’t as simple as fixing those two problems. Any plants you grow in your garden could also be a food source for the birds, that’s why you should harvest your crops the moment they ripen.

You might not realize this, but your garden’s grass could also be a food source for some birds. The Canada goose, for instance, loves Kentucky Bluegrass, so replace the type of grass in your lawn if birds are attracted to it.

3. Use Bird Nets

If you’re having trouble with birds landing in your garden, you may have no choice but to install bird netting. The material helps keep out these flying pests, by acting as a physical barrier. What’s great is that it can do wonders to protect various parts of your home, whether it’s around some plants you’re growing, on your roof, or entry points into your attic. The attic is especially vulnerable to a bird infestation so it is important to protect your attic and remove any birds once you notice their presence. Click here for more information on getting rid of birds in the attic.

4. Install Bird Spikes

To stop birds from sitting on your perch and raining down their droppings, you should consider installing bird spikes. These are thin, long metallic rods that stick out of a surface, making it uncomfortable for birds to land in the area. The rods will prick at their bodies if they try, forcing them to leave.

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5. Add Shiny Objects

Shiny objects are another great way to keep birds away, as these items will glisten thanks to the sunlight. While this doesn’t seem all that alarming to us, the glistening will look like sudden movement to the birds. Thinking that they’re about to be attacked by some predator, the birds will typically flee the scene.

What’s great about this method is that it’s really easy to do. You just need some streamers, tin foil, or small mirrors. You’re sure to ward off birds by just leaving them outside.

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